Robert Belanger (26 May 2011)
"Ascension Day Rapture of NT saints"

CJ your message of May 24 was wonderful and inspiring. Your analysis appears to be fitting and hopefully correct for June 1, Ascension Day.

You said you have additional information bearing on the subject of the rapture but you were too tired to write in the message of the 24th. Now that you have had time to rest, could younplease share some of this additional information?

Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to communicate the excellent ideas concerning the significance of the Pentecost vis-a-vis the Law and Grace, to be followed again by the Law for Israel.

Again, thanks for the breath of fresh air amid the tumultuous chaos that the world so often exhibits when carnal men act as though God does not exist, or care about man. The rapture is a fantastic event planned from the beginning and kept hidden until these times of the end.

I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to open your eyes to His truth and that you will be empowered to share with others, like yourself, waiting and watching for our snatching up to be with our dear Lord, forevermore.

I also pray for everyone reading your message of May 24, and this reply that they will know with certainty that they can be a part of God's heavenly family. They need to let Him know their desire and respect His holy nature at all times, and be reconciled when they fall into temptation.

All praises to our Father in heaven, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit! May God richly bless each and every person who has taken the few minutes to read and think won these things!

YBIC,     Robert