Robert Belanger (24 May 2011)
"Up-Coming Probable Rapture Dates"

Today we know that May 21 was a false prediction form Harold Camping's unconventional interpretation of prophetic verses in the Bible. Hopefully, he has learned something from his experience and will issue an apology, and some financial refunds to those who followed his advice and spent many dollars to promote his prediction. He provided fodder for the scoffers, but hopefully the mature believers will carry on as they have for many rounds of premature warnings of the rapture.

Now, as I review the recent pages of the Five Doves, I see we have three upcoming dates that have been identified for watching:

May 24:

John Tng in his message (John Tng (16 May 2011)) noticed that only two scripture verses record past raptures: Gen 5:24 (Enoch) and 2 King 2:11 (Elijah) and thought of 5/24 and 2011 based on these references. Some supporting evidence can be found in the message John Tng (16 may 2011) relating to the Genesis Pyramid where the Gematria sum for Enoch (84) and Elijah (46) is 130 and that Gen 5:24 is the 130th verse in the Bible (i.e., Gen 1 has 31 verses, Gen 2 has 25, Gen 3 has 24, Gen 4 has 26 and Gen 5 has a total of 32 but counting only the first 24 corresponding to 5/24 the total is 130) and that the Gematria of where the cloud ascended from the Tabernacle, i.e.,Sinai is also 130.

May 29:

Marilyn Agee in her message (Marilyn Agee (May 23, 2011)) noted that Jesus may have selected his ascension day on Iyar 25 to coincide with the 40 days of warning given to Jonah for repentance. Based on April 20 being First Fruits (Nisan 16) and therefore day 1 of the count, then day 40 would be Iyar 25 or Ascension Day. This would explain why Jesus refers to no sign being given except that of Jonah.

June 8:

If May 24 and 29 are not correct, then Marilyn Agee points out that Pentecost may be the next best rapture date. Let's hope that one of these dates is correct and that our long-awaited transformation and ascension awaits us very soon!