Robert Belanger (19 May 2011)
"To John Tng - 3-Day Sign, the word "eigenscriptures""


I want to thank you for the 5/24 analysis. Your studies over the years have been inspiring and uplifting to the spirits of those waiting and watching so patiently. I started reading this site seriously back in 2007 when your analysis of the $2.34 was presented and displayed such penetrating detective skill. I hope this time it is aimed at the actual event and is not just another wake up cal, although such a call would be welcomed also.


The message today from James R reminded me of the generation in Jesus' time that wanted a sign and Jesus said no sign would be given except the sign of Jonah. Jonah, of course, was in the whale for 3 days perhaps suggesting that we would be given a 3-day warning too. The Camping May 21 prediction may be partially correct in that the earthquakes, etc., could be the trigger of the 3-day warning. We'll have to wait and see. This weekend and next week promise to be eventful, to say the least!

The link
provided in the message by Gabri Don in his message at
provides information regarding such a possible 3-day warning event. It would be similar to Jonah's but this time for the rapture of the Bride of Christ. I hope so.


Regarding the word eigenscripture that was used by Michael Colunga in
his references to integral and derivative shows he is talking about mathematics and an analytical measure that is used frequently in evaluating engineering designs for operational areas where failure might occur. A well-known such failure was the vibration-induced whipping motion that led to the collapse of the Tacoma Rapids bridge caused by air circulation patterns in the steel support structures.

In engineering mathematics, it is known that eigenvalues, or certain values computed from experimental data or from known physical parameters of a structure, can identify problematical frequencies, that are known as resonant frequencies, at which vibrating structures, such as shafts in rotating machinery, can become dangerously out of control because of whipping about their axis of rotation.

The Tacoma bridge was probably not given such an analysis, since the effects of aeronautical buffeting forces was not as well known then. The corrective action would have been the elimination of the open gridwork beneath the road bed with more solid structures as found in more successful bridges such as the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and the John Roebling Bridge in CIncinnati. Roebling designed both of these bridges, before the day of computers able to perform eigenanalysis, and instinctively made the supports free of the dangerous open gridwork of beams beneath the road bed.

As a more common example, from everyday experience, we are familiar perhaps with badly maintained, usually very old, automobiles that have very worn and loose front wheel bearings, which often produce dangerous shimmying at certain road speeds based on the rotational speed of the front wheels. These vibrations can result in loss of steering control and accidental damages and even death of the occupants of the automobile. The corrective action would be the replacement of the bearings with new ones to eliminate the looseness.

Michael's creation of the word eigenscripture therefore means a portion of scripture that perhaps "resonate"s within the mind and spirit of the reader, thereby giving evidence of its truth or applicability to some situation or interpretation (hopefully not in a dangerous or explosive manner!). We would have to verify this meaning with Michae,l since I have never heard of this term before in comparison to mathematical eigenvalues.

Of course, if such an interpretation of eigenscripture is the one that Michael intended, then such scripture could be a warning of the rapture date. What an original and even exciting way to say it! It is one of the reasons that I read the Five Doves site everyday!

John, let's hope your prediction of 5/24 is correct. Let us also be alert on 5/21 for some sort of 3-day sign. I thank you again for keeping this site operational and contributing your own unique messages.

Thanks, Robert!