Robert Belanger (17 May 2011)
"Harold Camping's Teachings"

Dear Doves,

The following links provide information that convinced me that Mr. Camping is not an entirely reliable spiritual leader, based on his demeanor, actions and words. Please be careful when listening to his teachings since they are often not completely true and factual. He spins an allegorical interpretation of selected Scriptures and adds numerical focal speculations that are quite arbitrary and not clearly and definitively stated by Scripture. We all want to believe the soon return of Jesus, but that is not a reason to throw caution to the wind.
Bottom line: Take Mr. Camping's teachings with a grain of salt and do not believe everything he says without doing your own thinking and reading of the Bible. I hope this message and references will be helpful to some others as it was to me.
YBIC, Robert

"The following are some examples of the wildly speculative exegesis of Harold Camping. All the references are from The End of the Church Age … and After. Beware of such a "Bible teacher." Notice his many assertions, none of which he proves from the context or from the language of the text itself.

[Note: The booklet The End of the Church Age...and After can be downloaded free at  Click on Literature to get full list.]

"The most damning of Mr. Camping's listed teachings is that "Michael is the Lord Jesus Christ" (The End of the Church Age … and After, p. 56). Harold Camping is a Jehovah's Witness in doctrine. To deny that Jesus Christ came to earth as the Godhead incarnate is blasphemy against God. Colossians 2:9 in the trustworthy King James Bible states... "For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily." John 1:1-3,14 clearly evidences the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and again in John 10:33 when Jesus Himself claimed to be God. In Revelation 1:8 Jesus claimed to be "the Almighty!" There is NO heresy in the Bible about Michael, the archangel, becoming flesh and dying for men's sins.

"Harold Camping is a Modernist, an imposter who knows not the God of the Bible. Mr. Camping's ministry is of the Devil.

"(1) The star in Revelation 9:1-3 is the Lord Jesus Christ (pp. 8, 86).
"(2) The three and a half years of famine in the days of Elijah typify the three and half years of Christ’s earthly ministry (p. 22)
"(3) Isaiah 5 "is speaking about the kingdom of God as it was represented by the local congregations throughout the church age" (pp. 24, 29).
"(4) "We may safely equate the stinking fruit of the church age with the high places of Old Testament Israel" (p. 29).
"(5) "We know that the two witnesses (of Rev. 11) represent the true believers who are driven out of the churches or in obedience to God’s command come out of the churches" (pp. 32-33).
"(6) "The beast and the false prophet are pictures of Satan as he ruled in the churches during the Great Tribulation" (p. 41).
"(7) "The rider on the black horse (Rev. 6) is a warning to the churches that if they do not remain faithful God will begin to take the Gospel away from them" (p. 42).
"(8) In Revelation 12:7-11, "Michael is the Lord Jesus Christ" (p. 56).
"(9) "The wood, hay and stubble (of I Cor. 3:12) must relate to the church members who are still unsaved" (p. 64).
"(10) The beast from the sea is Satan because "in the Bible the sea frequently represents hell" (p. 89).
"(11) "The image of Satan (Rev. 13:15) consists of the unsaved within the churches" (p. 97).
"(12) The merchant in the parable of the pearl (Matt. 13:45-46) "can only be Christ. The pearl is the kingdom of God. Christ sold all that He had, that is, He emptied himself of His glory and became the suffering servant in order to obtain the kingdom of God" (p. 100).
"(13) The woman in Proverbs 31 is a "picture of the believers as we buy without money the Gospel and sell it to others who buy from us without money" (p. 101).
"(14) The corn and wine after which the children pine in Lamentations 2:11-12 are "words pointing to the Gospel" (p. 108).
"(15) "When a Gospel is preached all over the world that emphasizes grace and grace alone, the land, the kingdom of God, will enjoy its Sabbaths (Lev. 26:33-35). It will enjoy a totally works-free gospel" (p. 145)
"(16) "Causing someone to fall backward is equivalent to calling down fire from heaven" (p. 181).
"(17) "The application (of Jeremiah 7:16) is that God is commanding us not even to pray for the churches" (p. 197).
"(18) "This prophecy (of Ezekiel 9:5-7) can relate only to the judgment on the churches during the Great Tribulation" (p. 197).
"(19) "The abomination of desolation (Matt. 24:15-16) is Satan" (p. 210).
"(20) "The housetop (Luke 12:3) is identified with bringing the Gospel … the house identifies with the church" (p. 229).
"(21) "Paul (in Acts 28) is a picture of all who have been cast out of the churches and congregations. In this chapter, as in chapters 22-27 of the book of Acts, the churches and congregations are typified by the Jews who do not want to hear the whole counsel of God" (p. 231).
"(22) "This half hour (Rev. 8:1) must be understood to be the first part of the Great Tribulation during which heaven is not saving people by means of the Gospel going forth from the churches" (p. 249).
"(23) "The seven women mentioned (in Isaiah 4:1) identify with the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3 … In Isaiah 4:1, they are presented as those who take hold of a man, that is they want the Son of man, Christ, to be their Savior and King. But they don’t want Him to be their spiritual bread, and they don’t want to be clothed with His robe of righteousness. They want their own bread and their own clothing, that is, they want the name of Christ; they want to identify with Christ, but they want their own salvation program. In other words, they want to be the final authority as to truth. They do not want to be that concerned about the truth of the Bible … however, verse 2 of Isaiah 4 reveals that in that day, the day when this sorrowful condition exists in the churches, the branch of the Lord (Christ) shall be beautiful and the fruit of the earth (those who are becoming saved) will be excellent. They are the ones who are being saved because there were those who have escaped from the church or congregation and continued to bring the true Gospel outside of the church" (p. 257).
"(24) "The keys (Matt. 16:19) can only be the Bible" (p. 273).
"(25) "A careful study of this chapter (Eze. 28) would show that Tyre is representing the churches as they send the Gospel into the world" (p. 286).
"(26) In Revelation 12 "the woman is the Old Testament believers represented by Mary, who gave birth to Jesus. They are clothed with the sun, that is they are clothed with Christ who is their robe of righteousness. The moon is under her feet. The moon represents the law of God. The believers have become victorious over the law in the sense that the law of God can no longer condemn them. The crown of stars signifies that the believers reign with Christ" (p. 290).
"(27) When the dragon drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth (Rev. 12:3-4) "this third part represents all who are believers" (p. 290).
"(28) "When Jesus entered Jerusalem just before He was crucified, He sat on a pair of donkeys. Spiritually, it can be shown that these donkeys represent unsaved people he came to save" (p. 298).
"(29) The merchants of the earth (Rev. 18:11) represent believers in the churches who were bringing the Gospel but may no longer do so during the Great Tribulation (p. 311).
“Harold Camping attracts listeners by eschewing the surface-level, entertainment-based glitz of so many radio and television preachers and teachers. He rightly identifies many problems in the modern church and uses his willingness to speak out on these issues to gain spiritual capital and trust with his listeners. He knows the Bible, quotes the Bible, and professes allegiance to it. His consistency is attractive in a day when many are blown about by every wind of doctrine and flash-in-the-pan evangelists who come and go with frightening regularity.

“Calm consistency, however, can mask deadly error, and this is the case with Harold Camping. He refused to repent of his 1994 prediction, which was based on the erroneous allegorical interpretation and numerological speculation that marks his teaching. Although many decried his prediction, once it was past, it was “old news,” and few cared whether he continued on, undaunted, teaching his false methods of interpretation.

“It is not at all surprising, therefore, that eight years after his first debacle Camping is again leading multitudes astray, this time by teaching men and women to remove themselves from God’s ordained means of spiritual growth and protection and to join in unorganized, aimless, and purposeless ‘fellowships’ that lack divine guidance and approbation. His new error is considerably more serious and reprehensible than the first; sadly, it is not garnering nearly the kind of critical response from Christian leaders that his first error did, for many today lack a biblically based love for, and commitment to, the church Christ has established.

"Mr. Camping, the Lord, through His Word, saved me back in 1982 and through His Word He convicted me to leave the Catholic Church, and He convicted me that He spoke to me through His Word and could teach me through His Holy Spirit. By His electing sovereign grace, He opened my eyes to see God’s WORK of salvation in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ on my behalf. Shortly afterward, the Lord led me to tune into Family Radio and I learned from you how to use a concordance and be able to compare Scripture with Scripture. I heartily thank you for that.

"Back in those days, you were careful with using words in their context. You stressed that everything must come from the Bible. I have listened to the two days of debate and several things leap out at me. Your closing admonition at the end of the two days of debate was “I hope that people will remember that there are 365.2422 days and do their own arithmetic, multiplying 1,978 and what do they get and breaking that down and then you’ll find that it all ties in perfectly with the Bible.”

"First of all, 365.2422 IS NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE and 1,978 IS NOT FOUND IN THE BIBLE EITHER. There is no way that you can justify these numbers that do not come directly from the Bible. Stating that I can check any Astronomical journal for the number 365.2422 shows that you are relying on yourself and man’s knowledge. You have to go outside the Bible to get that calculation. The Bible alone is NOT sufficient to come to your conclusions.

"Then you want us to multiply these two numbers and then factor the result and somehow these factors are going to give us a spiritual message and the Truth of the Scriptures. Yes, the Lord has numbers in the Bible, and yes, in certain places He does some simple factoring, but it is GOD Who has done the factoring and the presenting of the numbers. God has done the work of factoring and presenting specific numbers and then God may open our eyes to see certain patterns such as either judgment or mercy for the number 5 depending on the context. But in your exhortation, you are stating that YOU have done the WORK of figuring out these numbers and you are exhorting others to do this work also. I have heard you many times defend your calendar by stating that many have “checked out YOUR WORK”. The Bible is crystal clear that we are NOT to be depending on the works of our own hands or we are under God’s wrath. We are to depend solely on the work of Christ and what He has written. Mathematical computations are NOT comparing spiritual with spiritual. It is a fleshly talent and NOT spiritual discernment. That ability is not given to all, especially the mentally limited! However, the mentally limited are not spiritually limited if they are one of God’s elect and they will see and hear the Work of Jesus Christ as the Word is read or heard by them.

"This is where I was interrupted, but if I had been given the opportunity, I would have liked to have continued on with the following:

"Jesus Christ, in referring to His redemptive Work, stated: “In the volume of the Book it is written of Me.” This is what you used to focus on in finding what you call the spiritual meaning. I still see this message throughout every page of Scripture and have been dismayed as I see you replace more and more of Scriptures which speak of the work of Christ with your calendar which is the works of your own hands.

    "One of the ways you began to do this was by teaching that Jerusalem surrounded by armies meant the corporate church (Jerusalem) was taken over by Satan and so we were commanded to depart out. You keep telling us that we are to let the Bible define our words, but when we do this for the word “Jerusalem”, nowhere do we see the Bible defining Jerusalem as the corporate NEW TESTAMENT church.

"However, the Bible DOES define Jerusalem in Galatians 4 as either those condemned by the works of their own hands (represented by Hagar) or Mt. Sinai or he that was born after the flesh and is called “Jerusalem which now is” or Jerusalem is defined in Galatians 4 as he that was born after the Spirit (by the works of Christ) represented by Mount Zion and called “Jerusalem above”. We are told to cast out the bondwoman and her son. That is the Gospel call to flee the works of our own hands and flee to Christ. Mr. Camping, the Jerusalem that is surrounded by armies that we are to depart out of are the works of our own hands (including relying on all fleshly works of our own hands such as your calendar). This is consistent with the message of the entire Bible. It is the message that salvation is only to be found in the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

"I would also like to encourage anyone who has listened to the debates to check out what Mr. Camping is teaching with regard to Hebrews 10:24 where it states “let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works.” Because that passage is used in the context of not forsaking the assembling together, Mr. Camping is now teaching that “provoke” here which is Strong’s #3948 is used only one other time and there it is translated as “contention”. He is stating that this shows that there is contention in the churches and using it to support the demise of the church. This, however does not take into consideration the immediate context of the verse which is to “provoke unto love and to good works”. This does not denote dissension among those involved.

"In Mr. Camping’s defense of his teaching on this, he stated that “provoke is used only one other place in the Scriptures in Acts 15:39 to define the word and it is translated as contention, but he selectively used the context of Acts 15:39 to define the word, but totally ignored the context of Hebrews 10:24. He went on to use other verses later in Hebrews 10 to bolster his teaching (in other words he validated using context there because it supported what he wanted to teach) while he refused to recognize that his conclusions were not in harmony with the immediate context Hebrews 10:24 “provoke unto love and to good works.”

"Resting in the works of the Lord Jesus and not any other man’s work,

-- Donna Janney


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From Redeemer Broadcasting - 10/28/10

"This past Saturday we aired an interesting edition of A Plain Answer. The subject was regarding “How to read the Bible.” The background to the question was the flawed hermeneutic of pseudo cult leader Harold Camping. He is claiming with 100% surety the day and hour of Christ’s return.

"His web site states that the Bible guarantees his date. Well, we have seen this before and it was in 1994 (that day came and went). He insists that if you remain in any church, that you are not a true believer. So… this past Saturday, we took a look at his heavily allegorical approach, exposed it for what it is, and we encouraged a plain reading of the biblical text.

"We concluded that we are to strive to understand what the original authors meant as they wrote the 66 books, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. Our focus is to be on Christ, not man -- one of the pastors reminded us that “you can get to heaven without Harold Camping, but you cannot get to heaven without Christ.” If you are interested in what the broadcast sounded like, here is the link to our podcast page:


Robert Belanger