Rhondavoo (23 May 2011)
"Re: Nicole and your interpretation of my 2003 vision"



Rhonda, when you said this in your vision the first thing that came in my mind was this:  When you see Obama rise to power out of Chicago, his charisma will take the whole USA by storm.   He will begin to use the HAARP machine located in Alaska to force natural disasters such as earthquakes, bird and fish deaths, tornadoes in order to create a need for a one world leader.   When you see this, start looking up for your redemption draweth nigh.    When HAARP is used to create an earthquake as in the case of Japan, we see that there is a fireball above the city which people describe as seeing another sun.   

"The only thing that prevents me from being totally on board with that, is that in 2003,  I had that four hour long vision in which there came 5 catastrophesstarting in Chicago and on the East Coast, going straight across America to the West Coast and before I arrived at the West Coast in the plane I was observing all of  this from, there was a Nuclear Bomb explosion in the skies of the Northwest, coming from Alaska,  or Russia or somewhere and in between the Flash and the Boom of the Bomb, the Rapture happened and I experienced the flying through the Night sky in absolute and total joy. All of that could take place Tomorrow, who knows....It seemed to all happen at once or at least in the same night in the vision but it could have been ongoing. It's so hard to interpret "timing" in a vision. But it all started in Chicago."

Nicole, I have no doubt you could be right.  I've thought the exact same thing.
However, in my experience with not only visions but the Bible, prophecies, etc, I have discovered that there is usually always at least 3 levels of meanings going  on in any given instance. A top level, mid level and deep level of meaning.

Because the Lord is Three in One and we are a triune being, every thing just seems to be set up that way to me. I don't know if  others have this view or not and I'm sure there's even more levels of meaning than that for those who dig deeper.
I tried for years to discern all the meanings and symbols and sights in that 4 hr vision. I even think there's some kind of clue in the fact that the vision started at 6:30 a.m. and ended at 10:30 a.m. I think I had it in May of 2003. I know that was the yr but not positive about the month. I'll  have to look it up.

I even think that because O came out of  Chicago that that's the reason Chicago was chosen as the setting of the starting point of disasters. Of course, at that time, I had never heard of Obama. A funny thing too, is that several years ago, I drew a picture in pen and ink of a character who looks Exactly like Obama and he had a crown on his head and the caption was:
THE KING OF JACK! I had no idea why I named it that. Later, when he became President I became worried that someone would see the pic on the internet and think I was being disrespectful to the Prez!!!  Isn't that funny?

But I do honestly believe that there will be unimaginable things happening across this country that will shake not only us but the world. I have run across other visions over the yrs that confirmed my vision, especially about the horror starting in Chicago. So that made me feel more assured that my vision was truly from God.
As I flew westward in a straight line from observing the destruction around Chicago and the airport, I saw one state that was completely on fire from corner to corner. I saw other states that looked like they had had similar attacks as Chicago but on a smaller scale. I must go on my other computer and try to pull up the text of that vision before I go any farther.

I just want to give glory and honor to God for the incredible things He has been doing in my life lately. He  has restored a relationship that I thought was broken forever and would never be repaired. He has finally gotten through to me that I can Trust him and that He is in no way like my earthly father who is so cold and cruel. He has made ways for me where there looked like there was no way. I have waited for years for promises to come to pass and they are finally coming to pass. So, please, don't give up on the promises He has made you!!!

Of course, naturally, as it always happens, the enemy came in and try to destroy the awesome things the Lord has done but he has not succeeded nor will he.

Please pray for my brother who has lung cancer and 3 brain tumors and is not walking with the Lord. Also for a 5 yr old family member that was severely attacked the other night and was put in the hospital not able to breathe.

Thank you to  all the Doves for sticking together and being here for one another. I know the Lord is pleased with that.  Whatever the date that He comes, let us be ready and waiting and walking in love. God bless.....Rhondavoo