Rhonda Voo (13 May 2011)

Dear John and Doves:

Haven't posted here in a long time, I used to a lot but read almost every day that I can.
But I've been told I have to share this so I am.

First off, let me say it is Official!!!  I am One of You now!!!!  haha
It has just come to my attention that my friends and family think I am a Fanatic and Too Spiritual and that I spend too much time talking about Jesus coming back and losing my love for this life and this world.....I was totally Shocked to say the least. What's bad, is these people are all Christians!!! And some are even Preachers!!!!  I had no idea people were talking behind my back and saying those things. In retrospect, I feel honored but at the time, I was Crushed. I can't believe other Christians do not feel the same but it's true.

Okay, now for the Really, Really Good News!!!  Jesus Is Coming Back Soon!!!
How do I know? I will tell you............

On May 10, 2011, the night of, as I was being attacked verbally for my beliefs and convictions, I guess the Lord took pity on me and also used the situation to show Himself strong on not only my behalf but on behalf of the people with me and of course, all of us.

As I was sitting outside and the verbal battle was winding down, I had a Vision, I've had a few visions before, some I have shared here and on other sites and I have actually been to Heaven and to Hell and I have looked right into the eyes of Jesus Christ, have experienced incredible miracles and all kinds of wonderful incredible things....

But I've never had a vision like this one and I've never seen anything like the things I saw the other night!!! I will describe in detail later if people are interested, but let me just say
that I Saw The Rapture....I Saw Jesus Coming, I Saw 1000s and 1000s of angels, I Saw the battles going on in the Heavenlies, I Saw Guardian Angels, Angels with Golden Trumpets, I saw The Church asleep and the Angels waking her up, I saw THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH roaring and leaping through space coming toward the Earth, I Saw magnificent white horses with golden bridles and saddles and one horse that I knew was My Horse..............Oh, my Lord, the sights I saw! The colors and Lights and things that I could never describe with human tongue!!!! It was like a movie and it was in fast forward mode. I could hardly take it all in. And I knew that it was something going on Now and something that in Earth terms could be barely 5 minutes away.....so soon, so soon....

The neat thing was, one of the people with me who had been accusing me, knew that I was in the spirit realm and seeing these things and began to see some of them too!!! He actually got excited!  I think the Lord let this happen to let him know that I do have the gift of seeing and that God was vindicating me in a way and trying to show them that HE IS INDEED ON THE WAY FOR THE BRIDE, it's not just nutty me being fanatical!!!!

The other thing I want to share right quick is this:  I have been grieving so here lately for all the great men of God who have been dying these terrible deaths and leaving us, men I loved with all my heart....J.R. Church, Fred Stone, David Wilkerson, Glen Miller, etc etc
and the other day I was on the phone with my prayer partner and talking about these men and their deaths and I said, Lord, I don't understand. Why are You taking these men? We need them here!!!!  And before I knew it, I began to say this:

I am taking these men Home because they have run their races for many long years. They have run and held out the Batons to the next generation but you have not been taking those Batons and running because they were Still Here, Leading and you have been looking to Them for Leadership, instead of finishing your part of that race with that baton in Your hand ready to hand it off to the next generation!!! As long as they are still here, you will continue to look to them for Leadership and will not fulfill the call I have called you to and finish your own race. Now it is Your Turn!!

And man, when I said that out of my mouth, I got chills all over and I knew that I knew that I knew that God had answered my question out of my own mouth and so did my friend.
I said to him, wow, that makes perfect sense and he agreed.

Listen, I have gotten my brains almost beat out here lately but I am not going to stop.
So you guys be encouraged and keep watching. I am telling you HE IS ON HIS WAY!!!
It's in HIS TIME, of course, but even in Our Time, it is just so soon.............So Soon
Hallelujah, Glory to God, Praise His Holy Name!!!

ysic, RhondaVoo