Rene (4 May 2011)
"re: John B - the "false Mary" - end of age delusion!!!"

John B: This post you wrote yesterday brought to my memory a video that Perry Stone did several years ago called "The Apparitions of Mary". In this video, he pretty much says the same thing about this "angel of light" that appears all over the world claiming to be the Mary of the Bible, but in reality, is leading people to worship idols and the "Queen of Heaven" that the children of Israel worshipped in the Old Testament that brought God's judgment and wrath upon them. Perry said this is significant because he believes this deception will be brought to a head after the rapture and it will be one way of bringing together the muslims and the Catholics, because the muslims also venerate the apparition of Mary at Fatima. Fatima, turns out, was the favorite daughter of Mohammed. Jesus said that the world would believe a LIE. Imagine if there was a world-wide apparition of this angel of light calling herself the "Queen of Heaven". She would have no problem getting all those left behind together into a new one-world religion worshipping this false GODDESS (hello, all you goddess-worshippers out there!?) Remember that these angels of light can produce miracles! Miracles to DECEIVE people! 
Recall that in the gospels, every time someone came along and tried to ELEVATE the earthly mother of Jesus, he contradicted them! This is because HE knew the future! He knew about the cult of the Queen of Heaven and knew EVEN BACK THEN that it would revive it's ugly head for deceiving the masses! He knew that this angel of light would try to hijack his own mother and draw people away from worshipping the one TRUE GOD of the Bible into the worship of this false Queen of Heaven. When someone said to him, "blessed are the paps" that nursed you - Jesus said, "yea, rather, blessed is he that knows the will of God and does it" (paraphrased). When Jesus was told that his mother and brethren were waiting outside to see him, he didn't drop everything and rush out to give them preferrence. What did he do? He said, "Who is my mother? Who are my brethen?" He pointed to his disciples, to his followers - and said "he that does the will of God is my mother and my sister and my brother,"  (Paraphrased), putting them on EQUAL par with his earthly relatives!!!  At any opportunity that he had to elevate his earthy mother in the Bible, Jesus did just the opposite. Ever think about that? He was using WISDOM in doing so! He was not going to add any credence to this cult of Mary that would come along after his death mimicking the cult of the Queen of Heaven from the Old Testament that brought God's judgment against his own people.
I do not know if Perry Stone still has this video available or not, but it is terrific. There is also another excellent video that is available now called "Messages From Heaven," that chronicles many of these apparitions around the world and compares those messages from this "Queen of Heaven" to scripture. You can see from this video how this new age "Mary" gives messages that totally contradict what is in the Bible! Folks, do you know WHY people are deceived so easily?  Because they don't know what God's WORD says! If you are thoroughly grounded in the world of God, you won't believe a lie. Once you KNOW the TRUTH, you cannot be deceived by a LIE! Why do you think that one of the first commands for a NEW Christian is to desire the sincere "milk of the WORD?" Once a new babe in Christ is formed - they need to earnestly get grounded in the WORD OF GOD. I do know that the video "Messages From Heaven," is still available and you can even watch it online at this website: It is an excellent tool for witnessing to your unsaved friends. Notice how in some of the apparitions of Mary, this being of light even calls HERSELF the Queen of Heaven! She has many exalted titles for herself including The Lady of the Nations, The Immaculate Conception, the Mediatrix (please see Isa 43:11, Isa 44:6, Isa 42:17), the Queen of Peace - etc. etc. (pass the barf bag please!)  In the video "Messages From Heaven," you will see some of the many processions of this Queen of Heaven being carried along on the shoulders of her worshippers! (There truly is nothing new under the sun - see Isa: 46: 4-7).
If you walk into any Catholic bookstore, you can find an image to any of these goddesses!  I have a pastor that used to call this the BATH TUB religion. They can be identified because they put a half of a bath tub in their back yard with a statue of "Mary" inside it. A little do-it-yourself grotto, much like the children of Israel had in their hill top grottos where they worshipped the Queen of Heaven (Isa 57::5).  It was an abomination to God then and still is! God never changes! He will not share his glory with another, nor his praise with graven images (Isa: 42:8.) Isaiah has much to say of idols and Jeremiah has much to say about them too, especially the Queen of Heaven. See Jeremiah 7:18, Jeremiah 44:17-19 and Jeremiah 44:25 for more on this Queen of Heaven.
And for those of you already immersed in this cult of Mary, come out before it is too late for you. Worship the one true God --- flee to the LAMB and you will be able to escape all these things coming upon the earth (see Isa 26:20)! (And they are coming! See Isa 24:19-23). AND they are coming soon!!!