Rene (3 May 2011)
"Diane Gilbert - re: Dr. Owour"

I agree. I too believe that Dr. Owuor is a true prophet of God. Jesus is coming soon! There are many people that God is using to get this message out!  Remember when Jesus said that even though someone would come back from the dead, they would NOT believe Him (when speaking of the rich man in hell wanting someone to warn his relatives)???  Well, WHO was Jesus referring to? To HIMSELF of course! Jesus himself came back from the GRAVE, ROSE from the dead and look how most of the people who have traversed this planet have called him a liar!  Look at all the opportunities God has given this final generation to believe OTHERS that have come back from the dead!  Read the testimonies of Ian McCormick, Dr. Richard Eby, Bill Wiese's testimony of his 23 minutes in hell! Bishop "Earthquake" Kelley, Mickey Robinson, Don Piper who spent 90 minutes witnessing the glories of heaven! Betty Malz who write of going to heaven many years ago, Daniel Eckechukwu, the Nigerian pastor who was raised from the dead at a Rheinhart Bonnke crusade in Africa, who also visited heaven and hell! Pastor Ronald Reagan who has spent more than 30 years preaching the gospel after a profound, life-changing experience where he went to hell and came back! These are all people who came BACK from the dead to testify that the BIBLE is true and God is REAL!  Dr. Owuor is only one voice of many warning us that the age of GRACE is about to close!!! Look at how long-suffering and gracious God is! Giving us witness-after-witness that heaven and hell are real and there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun!  He does not want any to perish!