Rene (26 May 2011)
"re: JUNE Rapture???"

  • Ascension Day is June 2nd - day 153 of the year. (I have been seeing 153 everywhere for several YEARS, I have no idea why--?)
  • The muslims claim their Mahdi is to be revealed in JUNE.
  • JUNE is typically the month for brides & weddings!!!
  • The favorite birthstone for June is the PEARL!  Church is a "pearl of great price! (Secondary to the pearl is the Alexandrite stone (the chrysoberyl) and the moonstone! (The moon is a type of the church!)
  • June is when Dr. Owour is having his mighty LIVE Kericho Revival!
Are the first 3-4 days of June important for us to be WATCHING????
YOU decide!