Rene (11 May 2011)
"to Ola - re: rapture May 20, 21??"

you wrote:
I also believe the Lord has shown Dr. Owuor that the rapture will take place on the 20th/21st of May 2011!
That's why he scheduled a revival in Malawi on that Date!
Why do you think this necessarily means a rapture date in May? Dr. Owuor did not know for sure WHICH crusade the rapture would take place. He knew where he would be, but he has about THREE of these crusades planned over the next couple of years in the same places. He knows WHERE he will be when it occurs, but not WHICH crusade (one, two of three).  I am just curious as to why you think it has to be May 20, 21? Most people believe Camping is a Kook..... ??   He was saying this same thing in 1994. I for one hope it IS May 20, 21!!!
I am also looking at day 153 of this year - June 2nd.