Raul D  (26 May 2011)
"To Nicole re: confirmation to your son's space shuttle rapture vision its in July"

Nicole in your son's vision he said he sees a space shuttle crashing at the rapture. that i know of there's 3 confirmations of this event going to happen coincidence i don't think so. wed may 25th 2011 my almost 7 year daughter told me of the rest of her dream from mon may 23rd, i don't force her to tell me for her to feel comfortable and today she told me the rest she said she was in space with jesus and the same angel from all her dreams. she seen a astronaut floating in space out of the ship she seen the cockpit inside heard them talk but didn't understand, after the black sun ( Nibiru ) hit the moon and it cracked, then meteors started falling to earth she seen the astronauts going back to earth to land and the back part of the space shuttle was hit, Victoria said God seen what happened and helped the ship land. when my daughter told me the angel told her this will happen in July i had a little doubt that maybe she heard wrong from her saturday dream because i was thinking spring rapture then her last dream this monday she told me the angel kept saying July so all doubt is gone and Atlantis the last Nasa's space shuttle will be launched July 8+, just like Dr. Owour made a revival meeting in Kenya without being in the website in his scheduled upcoming meetings i was thinking could he do the same for the month of July? She even seen it written in a scroll July and Victoria said the Lord also told her July, before she gets taken to heaven she said a rock from space will hit her and she died in her dream and she seen me beside her body and she even told me the location, and she tells me this with total peace and without fear, i guess after seeing heaven and seeing what happens to the dead that are saved she's not scared.
2 Corinthians 13:1
This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established

In Michael's Dream the Rapture happened after a unexpected Meteor shower forces a space shuttle to come back to earth and land.

the rapture time frame i see is between July 8 - 31, 2011 according to these 3 witnesses of seeing a space shuttle coming back to earth,  Atlantis is the last space shuttle for nasa and these dreams and visions confirm its in July because its the last space shuttle and my daughter was told this will happen in July. July is it for sure.
Blessings Raul D