Raul D  (23 May 2011)
"Angel tells my daughter July for rapture"

John and Doves,
My almost 7 year old daughter told me Sunday may 22, 2011 of the month of the rapture, of all her past dreams she never told me or received that I know of a rapture date. She explained in her dream a great destruction in our area in Ontario Canada, a earthquake and she seen a meteor that fell in our home also and water came over this area a great flood, and the Lord was in the clouds and before we died God took us and saved us, and all of us were thanking God for saving us. The angel in her dream told her July of when these things will come and she seen in a book also written July , but no day in the month was given. This is not a spring rapture like I heard mentioned at Doves, but I feel I must put this dream out regardless of mine or anybody elses opinion, I don’t want nobodys blood on my hands because of not warning. I know her dreams are from God from what she as told me, she told me things in her dreams that took me a long time to find out by reading the bible and listening and watching other pastors.
Blessings to all
Raul D