Randy (24 May 2011)
"This was a GREAT weekend for "teaching" about The Rapture!!"

Presuming that most of us on Five Doves believe in the NEARNESS of the Rapture, then this past weekend was a GREAT time to "teach" the world about the soon return of Jesus Christ, preceeded by the Rapture, and followed by The Tribulation.!!
Certainly fewer people will be able to say "I never knew about this" than before Brother Camping's claim that "THIS IS THE DAY!"
But then....I've seen left wing radical comedy programs like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart make fun about The Rapture now for well over 5 years!!!   And every time he brings up this subject, the audience just hoots and hollers and laughs.   I long for the day when their response will be very different!
So, brother Camping.....was simply EARLY (?) like so many people who have made ever "better" cases/reasons on Rapture dates before this, over the past 3-5-10 years......here on Five Doves.   
Is there anything WORSE than being "early" about the Rapture??
Only one thing, I think....and that is NOT having accepted Jesus Christ BEFORE the Rapture...or before you die.  THAT would be the BIGGER mistake!
Just think....IF the Rapture happens in the next few months....then this past weekend was a DRESS REHEARSAL for it!!   We have now already seen what the reaction will be from those Left Behind.  1) parties by the atheists...and 2) Using Facebook, "Looting Parties" by those left behind, perpetrated on the homes of the faithful who have been taken.  Imagine what a role FACEBOOK will play in a Post-Rapture world..... people looking for lost relatives in the United States will be HUGE!!   
PS....."MY TURN" at a Rapture Date scenario is getting closer by the week.  "MY DATE" is Rosh hashanah, 2012.  More to come as that gets closer.  But then, if you remember my earlier posts over the last few years..... I have wondered IF the big DOW drop on Rosh 2008, when the market went down 777.68 points in ONE day......might have been "pointing" to Rosh Hashanah, 2012?  We shall see......
Of course....I still like 2011.  Take 1948, add 70 years...and then take away 7 for the Tribulation.....and you have 2011 as possibly "the" year.