R1000 (2 May 2011)
"Erick :  Who is the   anti-Christ  & the false prophet  ?"

From   R - 1000
The answer  is found in   1  Jn 2 : 18 - 23
''  Whoever say that Jesus is not the Son of GOD  is the anti-Christ ''  
and then  John goes to say ''  there are several anti-Christs.''
Question  to you , Erick  :  Do you know of a religion who teachs his followers that Jesus is not Christ ?  And they start teaching that ,  starting with  KIDS.
They are taught to  hate God's people  and reject Jesus as the Son Of GOD.
The false Prophet would then be  the one who started this teaching.( this religion ) . And his representant world chief ( head teacher , Leader )   would then  be speaking  using the false prophet words of mouth.
The pope or the prince William  ; can they be Anti-Christs  ?  They both
say that Jesus is the Lord saviour , Son of God  the Eternal  YHWH .
Can they really be   IT    ?
One has to look closely to the answer provided  and found in the Holy Bible  and the Holy WORD of GOD  tells us about the Anti-Christs  and the false Prophet.
The only way to GOD  is through  Jesus , our  Saviour.
WE  have to keep our heads and hearts clean of false  ideas.
WE  have to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus ( Yeshua )  .
In His Holy name
R - 1000