R1000 (11 May 2011)
"Jennie ( 9 may ) nobody knows the HOUR or DAY...."

You asked a question about what Jesus meant , when He said in 
MT 24: 36.
It is written that Jesus said ... nobody knows the Hour or the Day  except the Father in heaven...
Here is my opinion, dear friend in Yeshua.
Lot of people want to predict the time of His visitation. It looks like everybody  misses the point , here.
My opinion is that I  must go and seak in the  Jewish pratices , precepts, feasts ,customs , etc....
In the Jewish way of celebrating the Feast of TRUMPETS ; the moon  is to be watched for.
The Feast of Trumpets  is the only GOD's  Holy Feast  starting with a  NEW  MOON.  All the others are to be calculated.
So....  to make sure that they do not miss  the Feast debute , They watch the moon if it's  FULL from Jerusalem.  And then by looking at it  , it is a little hard to tell  if this  is   I T   or ....
So to make sure the Jewish people don't make a mis-calculation  they also celebrate the second day of  Tishri .
So  the Feast of Trumpets is declared at the  first day of Tishri  and also on the second  so  to make sure.
Nobody  SEEMS  to know the exact hour or day  of the   R E A L   beginning of the first day of Tishri.
Could it be  on that special  day FEAST  ,     that the Messiah returns ?  or   for us  to be  Raptured ?  just a question.
Rev  11:  15   The  7  th   trumpet sounded....  etc...
Somethings will happen in heaven and it will be manifested on the   7 th  trumpet.  Could it  be  on    (   A   ) Feast of Trumpet ?
The Feast of Trumpets  is not mentionned in the   N.T..... Why  ?
My answer is that :  not Only this feast speaks about the  RETURN  of  Jesus  but  the  WHOLE  N.T.  speaks about His soon return to earth beginning at   A     feast of Trumpet.
To  KNOW  or  NOT to KNOW  is it important ?  A christian 's  question might be = When He comes... will  I  be   ready ?
I surely hope that my opinion doesn't affect ( hurt ) nobody.  I  am sorry if it does.  I  am human like everybody else and I  dearly believe in Our Saviour.
Let's all watch for the signs that Our Father  will surely show us.  Let us keep our eyes fixed on HIM , who will deliver us.
In Yeshua 's holy  NAME
R  1000