Paul N. F. (11 May 2011)


By A. W. Tozer

Let no man deceive you with vain words.  - Ephesians 5:6

  Do you know that there are Bible "interpreters" now
who believe they can set up rules as to how much we can
have of God?  However, the Lord Himself has promised
that as far as He is concerned, He is willing to keep the
candles of my soul brightly burning!

  So, my heart tells me to ignore the modem scribes
whose interpretations, I fear, are forcing the Spirit, the
blessed Dove, to fold His wings and be silent.

I turn rather to one of Dr. A.B. Simpson's hymns rarely
sung now, probably because very few believers have this
experience of which he wrote:
    I take the hand of love divine,
     I count each precious promise mine
     With this eternal countersign-
     I take-He undertakes!
     I take Thee, blessed Lord,
     I give myself to Thee;
     And Thou, according to Thy Word
     Dost undertake* for me!

     *Promise or guarantee

Yours in Christ,
Paul N. F.