Phil (7 May 2011)
"Recent Events"

John and Doves,
Now let me see - we have had a torrid time of it just lately.
Here are the events over the last week.
1. 27/4/11 Obama shows his long form Birth Cert which many prove is a fake.
2. 29/4/11 Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding in London.
3. 1/5/11 (Beltane) Pope JohnPaul II beatification at the Vatican + a vial of his blood (how creepy is that?)
4. 1/5/11 Obama claims that Osama bin Laden has been killed by his special troops in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Aspects of the official story change quite a bit. Some say bin Laden died in 2001.
5. 2/5/11 Bird's Point Levee deliberately blown up in USA right on the New Madrid fault.
What next?
Stay tuned.
Pray always.
Be very discerning in these days of deception - wickedness in high places.
God is still in control.
Keep looking up,