Phil (28 May 2011)
"BHO = 254, 911 = Day #254 and Osama's House = #254"

John and Doves,
My thanks to Bob Ware and John for solving my little puzzle as to how I had figures adding up to 254
for Mr Barack Hussein Obama. Bob passed on to John that it is the values off the QWERTY keyboard.
Thanks Bob and John!
Barack = 90                 Hussein = 83                 and Obama = 81.
24+11+4+11+22+18    16+7+12+12+3+8+25    9+24+11+26+11
Q=1 W=2 E=3 R=4 T=5 Y=6 etc etc
Now we all remember that 911 was on day #254.
And recently we were informed that the house in Abbottabad, Pakistan where bin Laden had been living
was #254.
Well, well, well!! Is that just coincidence or what?
Keep looking up,