Phil (19 May 2011)
"Re Jennie's "URGENT!!!   ALL  DOVES""

John and Doves,
Thanks to Jennie we now know the precise date of Ra-el's return - May 21st!
Ra-el is just so modern and considerate of all his 56 (at the time of writing) followers that he is on Twitter!!/LORD_RAEL
There is also a picture of him there too so we can easily identify him.
Jennie asks "Could this be the AC???" Well, it doesn't look a bit like any of the candidates being suggested
that I have heard about. However, it does bear a bit of a resemblance to an old boss I had many years ago in
England but his name was John-el so it can't be him! And he is much older now in any case.
Looks like we will just have to wait till May 21st and log on to Twitter to find out. 3 days to go now.
Keep looking up,