Paul Wilson (6 May 2011)
"RE: RE Exactly when did the dinosaurs exist"

Are you trying to answer a question or what is your point?? And pit bulls are dogs, that have been around awhile, so how does that fit?? Your statement regarding experimenting with genes it is almost as if you are saying man created dinos. There are also those who would be fine doing nothing but sitting in God’s lap for the MK thus doing nothing for him in the kingdom. Some of us wish to know answers, to seek knowledge, to do things for him in the MK. I have never been able to figure you out completely but if you wish to sit on the sidelines ok but some of us want to be in the game. We seek to know things and to do that we most ask questions and posit theories and discuss them with others to test their soundness. The questions that are asked to gain knowledge are never vain. As for “Franken corn” genetic modifications don’t necessary make things bad I have heard of any ill effects of this corn. Genetic engineering is just the modern version of cross pollination and selective breeding of plants used to create better look or better tasting ones.
Michael Colunga (4 May 2011)
"RE:  Exactly when did the dinosaurs exist?"

Hello, John and Doves,
There are those of us who like to be able to shoehorn extra-biblical stuff into imagined interstices.
Then again, there are those of us [like myself] who are content, like Paul, to boast only of knowing Christ crucified [in my heart, by faith].  If He is not the center of our focus, then we will find ourselves wasting our waking hours wondering about vain questions.
When did dinosaurs exist?  They still do!  If you leave off the size characterization, you realize that man is still experimenting with genes as we speak!!!!  Have you not heard of frankencorn?  How about pit bulls?  I could go on and on.
In HaShem,
Mike C.