Paul Wilson (30 May 2011)
"Robes or Clothing???"

We are told we receive robes in/after the rapture and wear them in heaven. I have also heard that robes was used as that was what was worn in biblical times, and is still worn in the middle east though less frequently than in biblical times, and it could be just clothes like we wear today (or perhaps people would wear what was worn in their time as there are people form all periods of time there). I also wonder could the robes best like our “Sunday best” we were to church (but we wear other clothes during the rest of the week) so would we wear robes at special occasions or special worship times but regular clothes the rest of the time?? I certainly would like to try a kilt as I am of Scottish decent. I also have never worn a tuxedo or highland finest either. Also many recreation activities especially soccer, football, swimming, or other sports would be more difficult in a robe as it would be quite cumbersome where regular clothes or specific outfits would allow more freedom of movement. Underwear type is also a question but I imagine we can wait till we get there to find that out.