Paul Wilson (23 May 2011)
"RE: Re Anonymous Vision of the Levies"

only I don’t think they have tickets to OUR ark.

Nicole (21 May 2011)
"Re: Anonymous Vision of the Levies"

I believe that the levies are a sign of the nearness of the rapture....and isn't it odd that it is Oprah's, Katie Courics, Mary Harts and Meredith Vierra's are now leaving their jobs almost all at the same time?   Not sure if they are taking new jobs but weird it feels almost like the movie 2012 when all the elites started running for the Arks.   I had this dream below, and now LOOK AND SEE what Obama's speech is concerning Israel!

Nicole (12 May 2011)
"Dream of the rapture and destruction!"

I had a dream of a large river busting at the seams, then I saw the Lord as a lion in this river.   He was there smiling that it was time to go in the rapture.   After seeing this I am all of a sudden in a very large beautiful building and I see the entire Bride of Christ.   I saw them all as little children like how they were when they were about 6 years - 8 years old.   The Lord was gathering His children and they were all lined up single file with their dolls, stuffed animals, and "blankie's" and they were scared, the Lord knew they were scared of what was coming.   And He had total control, and there was total order.   There were fires all over the earth, showing that the tribulation had begun and they had to come into this house to escape.   I was ushering them in the house, telling them not to touch the metal or their little hands would burn. 

Then I was in the White House in the Oval office.  I saw Obama and Biden and I was in my spirit and I spoke boldly to Obama.   I said to him that the birther movement was not a vicious or spiteful movement, but that the Bride of Christ was giving him a chance to escape the terrible role he would fulfill.   That this was his chance to not become the anticrhist, to not take the helm of the United Nations, and not to end with an eternity in hell.   He looked at me and he started crying uncontrollably, not because he was happy that we were concerned for his salvation.  He was honored for the fact he was chosen to lead the world and he liked the feeling of the power the spirits had given him....he wanted more. 

So with that, the Lord is urging all of His little children to come to safety and escape the tribulation and forget about trying to help Obama, get him out of office, etc.   It is done!  
Escape the wrath to come.   The fires are the tribulation that shall encompass the whole world.