Paul Wilson (21 May 2011)
"RE: Obama throws Israel under the bus"

Down the road to hell???? I think America has already past the sign over the gate “abandon hope all ye who enter here”.
Jim Bramlett (20 May 2011)
"Obama throws Israel under the bus"

Dear friends:

Today, the inglorious and Marxist imposter who pretends to be President of the United States, betrayed our old ally, democratic Israel, and tilted American policy toward the murderous Palestinians, insanely demanding that Israel observe the pre-1967 borders. 

This was clearly the action of a pro-Muslim, anti-Israel, and anti-Christian politician.  It was despicable..

Worse, it probably insures a divine curse on America according to Genesis 12:3.  If the majority interpretation of that verse is true, we can expect major destruction of our country in the very near future.  When it comes, you can thank the morons who voted Obama into office, and the complicity of the moronic media.

Netanyahu rejects withdrawal to 'indefensible' 1967 borders...
Knesset member: Obama is the new Arafat...
Romney: Obama threw Israel 'under the bus'...

Pray for the protection of yourself and your family.  Obama is taking this country down the road to hell.  That has been evident for some time, but it has never been more clear.