Paul Wilson (20 May 2011)
"Re: So excited by all the news on fivedoves"

Why no steaks?? (if we aren't going to digest fruit like we do here why couldn’t we just have steaks and not digest them either??) I happen to find eating a good steak very pleasurable. Or a nice ham like we have at Christmas or turkey drumstick (I like dark meat) at Thanksgiving. Other meats are also pleasurable to eat. What’s eggs without bacon and sausage??? What’s chips without fish??? Most seafood is good (can’t say much for calamari though). And who doesn’t enjoy chicken especially fried (and especially the colonel’s). Hamburgers and hotdogs are a must (although I’m not sure if a hotdog is meat or what it is but it is good). Even a good salad needs bacon bits (and maybe ham cubes). God could easily create meat, without having to create an animal and kill it (man is starting to do this with technology and if man can do it God certainly can and imagine how much better it would be with God making it) [he might draw the line at haggis]. BBQ’s are great for fellowship with others and an American tradition (I am American though given the current state of the country not very proud of it).
Sacrifices burning on the alter created a “sweet savor” for the Lord so I would think he would like the smell of a steak or burger on barbeque grill or a large ham in a smoker.
Rhondavoo (19 May 2011)
"So excited by all the news on fivedoves"

John and all Doves:
Wow, the 5Doves has really been exciting the last few days. It seems like everyone is getting almost on the same page...........haha

Ever since my vision of Jesus, the angels, trumpets, etc

I can't seem to stop telling people about it and warning them to get ready. The Lord has really been opening doors for me to share that. I didn't give many of the details of the vision (which lasted over thirty minutes, may be more) because no one asked me to share those, (but thank you to the people who commented on my previous post) But believe me, the vision to me, can only be described as an Ezechiel type vision. It was beyond magnificent, beyond huge, beyond any thing Hollywood could come up with in the way of special effects.

One of  the most outstanding aspects of the vision was the Trumpets. I saw them over and over being blown in different situations, Most memorable was the angels surrounding this little white church with a steeple that was very peaceful and quiet and the trumpets being blown Toward the church with the unspoken message: WAKE UP WAKE UP!

The other thing was the time frame. It all seemed to be happening Now, or at the time I was seeing  it and  the feeling that some of it was literally 5 minutes away from happening.  I wonder what 5 minutes Earth time is in God's timing???? Anyone have any ideas?
At any rate, May 24th would certainly seem like 5 minutes from now!  I don't know. I hope you're right, John.
The only thing that prevents me from being totally  on board with that, is that in 2003,  I had that four hour long vision in which there came 5 catastrophes starting in Chicago and on the East Coast, going straight across America to the West Coast and before I arrived at the West Coast in the plane I was observing all of  this from, there was a Nuclear Bomb explosion in the skies of the Northwest, coming from Alaska,  or Russia or somewhere and in between the Flash and the Boom of the Bomb, the Rapture happened and I experienced the flying through the Night sky in absolute and total joy.

All of that could take place Tomorrow, who knows....It seemed to all happen at once or at least in the same night in the vision but it could have been ongoing. It's so hard to interpret "timing" in a vision. But it all started in Chicago. Total destruction and it involved planes and O Hare airport but also many other things. It was beyond 911 in scope, just unimaginable horror. But then we were taken out of here before we could be destroyed by the nuclear bombs.

I know that vision was from God, no one can ever convince me otherwise. And that scenario would fit it perfectly with the "Escaping the wrath" scenario. ?We did suffer at least 5 major disasters in America before we were "airlifted" out of here and thank God for that. I never thought of the Rapture before like that. lol Being Airlifted outta here!!! woo hoo!!

Anyway, the other night, in that vision, I saw us leaving the earth like white streaks of brilliant light. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! It happened so fast, literally in the twinkling of an  eye. The evil entities in the heavenlies  were so angry and tried so hard to prevent us from passing through but there was nothing they could do because God's holy angels had cleared the way for us and we went straight up through the heavenlies and passed through Jesus who was standing there with a huge Door in His chest, from about breastbone level to the top of  His  thigh.It was so incredible, I can't even tell you.....!!!!  Wow, I hope that vision never leaves me and is imprinted permanently on my brain.

On another note, I wanted to address something that Paul had questioned. I was amazed that he had thought about that subject because I had thought about it but was too embarrassed to ask anyone about it. But after I had my Caught Up Into Heaven experience (which is posted all over the internet on different sites) I no longer wondered about things like that even though those things were never really addressed. I just knew that they were no longer an issue.

I saw myself  in Heaven with Jesus, as a little child. I thought at first that I had wings but then realized that I was wearing a white robe with bell sleeves and when I lifted up my arms,  the sleeves appeared like wings. To my astonishment, I realized that the robe itself was my body,  that there was no body under the robe. I can't even begin to describe this. Of course, I had merely been translated to Heaven then and did not have my glorified body so that may be the reason for that but I have the very distinct impression even now, that we don't have internal organs in  Heaven. At least like we do now.

We eat there purely for the pleasure of it and for the fellowship of feasting with others but we do not have to eat, we are no longer mortal beings. And we eat things like fruit and bread, and heavenly angels' food.
We don't have steaks and things like that. So we don't  digest food or have any need of any human facilities. Believe me, I did not see any Bathrooms in Heaven!!!! It is not thought about or needed. I just wanted to share that.

There is only one emotion felt in  Heaven and that is Joy. You can't even comprehend of  any thing else. As for pets, they are recreated and await you in your personal paradise.

If anyone has any further questions for me, I would be happy to answer them. It has been so long since I shared anything here even  though I read you all about every day and feel like you are all part  of my family. I have also noticed that a lot of the people that used to visit are not around anymore and I wonder about them and wish I could know where they are. Rowina, I especially love you and pray for you all the  time. I know  you from another site and you have always been one of my spiritual heroes......

Oh, I just can't wait to meet you all and go on one of those picnics in Heaven with you around one of those wonderful lakes I saw.  To those of you that love birds....there are many many birds there, some kinds you can't even imagine.....and the flowers....oh, don't get me started!      ysic, Rhondavoo