Paul Wilson (16 May 2011)
"Food, Waste, and the NJ"

We have seen that we will eat and drink in heaven and the NJ but I am curious about one thing in regards to that: waste. Here when we eat waste is produced for which we have need of toilets and sewage systems. I wouldn’t think sewage would be in the NJ, even though it could in heaven be broken down to molecules and then those molecules formed into something useful, since it would be a defilement and nothing that defiles will be in the NJ (I could see showers, maybe even tubs [I mean who doesn’t enjoy a nice soaking bath], for washing off dirt from playing or gardening and even laundry machines for soiled clothes [finally we will have a machine that gives us the whitest whites and brightest brights] but sewage doesn’t seem to fit). So I am wondering will our bodies completely metabolize what we eat and drink or will there be some bathroom and sewage treatment system (possibly the dematerialization one mentioned above)????
I am sure this seems like a odd question but it is something I think is a practical question. When planning a building the bathroom isn’t a glamorous area but you still need to think about it just as when you plan a city here on earth the sewers aren't something to show off or something you are excited about, I don’t think anyone would really look forward to discussing the sewers and waste management, but still it is a practical thing to talk about.