Patty Hayes (5 May 2011)
"Curt: re: Suzi,BHO an BC"

Hi Curt,
Regarding the ability to store and maintain state the Hospital would not have enough room to store so many records.  While in banking, I was responsible to manage over 22,000 accounts in my portfolio and was TL for my section who also has as many accounts as I or close to as many as I did.  These were for CA only.
I used to research the records of these accounts and went to what was called to "warehouse".  I pulled up accounts in question on microfiche.  I can tell you that there were FAR MORE accounts my team handled in the "warehouse".  Plus my company had an offsight warehouse that also maintained old accounts.  These records were considered legal and used in documentation of proof of the individual's account we managed.
All one needed to do was to "call up" the image of the document and print it out without having to use a PC.  And these were the old technology days and still available.  I, like Suzi, along with scores of those who have their degrees in this field of Photoshop and Computer Technology are putting forth their findings of the document of Certificate of Live Birth presented to the public as Forgery.
Keep in mind, back in 2007 Israel also reviewed the BC and came to the same conclusion that it was forged and sent the findings to the White House, not to include the testimony of BHO's family who also verify he was born in Kenya and the other issues that also disqualify him to be President; ie; BHO Sr. being a subject of England as at that time Kenya was under British rule.  The insurmountable evidence is there to disqualify him and actually send him to prison.
The DOJ, the Supreme Court and those in very high elite powers are blocking the hearing of the evidence that is overwhelming condeming of BHO.  Not only has BHO spent the cash but others with him have paid over a million dollars if not more to prevent any hearing and block any legal challenge.
Patty Hayes