Patty Hayes (2 May 2011)
"Missing the points re: BHO BC"

I am quite shocked at the insistence of "let's move on from here" as this is not relevant to the issues we face.  I beg to differ with you who feel this way and here is why:
1. AP news in 2004 headlines read "Kenyan Born" candidate wins the Senate race. This was when BHO ran against Alan Keyes.
2.  Uganda newspaper states will assist in providing security for Kenyan born Senator when visiting Kenya.
3.  Mohammar Quadaffi has stated Africa laughs at us as they all know BHO was born in Kenya.
4.  His Kenyan born grandmother announced she was present at BHO's birth in Kenya and pointed to his hometown. 
5.  The head of the Election board in Hawaii, now living in Kentucky stated the Birth Certificate presented was fraudulent but was told to be quiet and accept what was provided to him.  He has come out in the open now as he lived in fear prior to now. 
6.  I get on my email a couple of Israeli newspapers and from Israel back in 2007 reported their own Intelligence community looked into the BC presented by BHO and ran their tests on it and found it to be forged and therefore BHO not a legal candidate for President.  They turned their evidence over to the White House.
7.  Hillary Clinton's attorney Philip Berg pursued the evidence provided and at each interval in the courts not heard, ignored and refused to try the case or even look at the evidence provided. 
8.  Orly Taitz as reported by our own Dove, Deborah out in CA reported an attempt on Ms. Taitz's life.  Ms. Taitz is also an attorney and while she was in Idaho at Surpeme Cout's Justice John Roberts speech, on live TV she got him to say in front of the TV audience he would take the evidence she provided and look into it and give it a fair hearing. She handed over what she had to him. The evidence to date has never been presented as he promised.   
9.  Alan Keyes, our former Ambassador looked into the issue himself and came up with the very same conclusions and also tried to get the courts to give the evidence a fair hearing.  All refuse to do so.
10.  We have Kenyan Birth Certificates of BHO that have a very clear date of birth, footprint, and all the rest of necessary information including raised seals and long form that have been put out. 
11.  Questions to ask is why has BHO spent soooo much money to stop any investigation on this.  Why has the courts been unwilling to look at a mountain of evidence of this BC??  Why did Attorney Orly Taitz get death threat?  We know BHO has spent into the millions to combat this and leave us with no other choice but to believe he is hiding evidence that proves he is illegally holding office. 
12.  The present Birth Certificate has had so much scrutiny poured out over it including the background not matching.  Prior to all that scrutiny I just asked myself a straightforward question, WHERE'S STANLEY'S STREET ADDRESS?  DOESN'T SHE KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES, OR IS SHE, HERSELF CLAIMING THE SAME ADDRESS AS BHO SR.?  AND WAS SHE NOT WORKING?? A HOUSEWIFE?? UNEMPLOYED (MEANING IN BETWEEN JOBS)?  THAT FIELD WAS LEFT BLANK!!  I am not a High Tech person, but even at first look, into didn't take a rocket scientist to see all that bad typing that told me that someone just put information told to them on a form and quickly.  This was not the real deal.   This is forgery and a felony  And there are mounting testimonies of Computer Techs that state this is forgery.
13.  Along with the BC issue are other additional issues that also disqualify BHO as legal right of President.  There has been sooo much information on that alone that involves  BHO Sr.  Others have along with the attorneys brought this to light as well.
A.  This is treason. This is an attempt by people who want to dissolve our nation, our Constitution and our way of life and what America is and stand for.
We have a proud nation, not perfect, but, the best nation still. Our Founding Fathers spilled their blood, their wealth anf family life to give us this gift of America. 
B.  To bring light onto this will also shed light onto all the rest that is wrong and bring to justice all those involved in this
C.  To deflect the conversation away from this foundational issue from which all else derives from is doing a disservice to good and thoughtful, caring Americans.  To result to name-calling, ie; "birthers" which implies backward thinkers, irrelevant to society, non-educated and the list does go on...well, my writing finds just the opposite.  I have found those in defense of issues and need of investigation to be reasoned in their defense to why this must be pursued.  In response to their reasoned debate, they are called "idiots", hillbillys and other names. 
D.  This BC issue is very foundational as it is the hub to which all else we see wrong here as it springs from what is perceived as a coup de taut of our nation.  This issue is not a single-handed issue sprung by just one man, but is an effort by several people involved. 
E.  I have asked Donald Trump who does have the means and finances to take the copy presented back to Israel who is the best we know of in science to provide from their Intelligence and science a thorough look at what is presented by BHO.  Last I heard he said he does want it looked into and given the history of blocked evidence, we should take it out of the country to a fair investigation.
And...if Israel comes to the same conclusion they did in the beginning, then case closed and the Justice begins here. 
My thoughts on this subject,
Patty Hayes