Patricia S (25 May 2011)
"Oprahs finale - do not watch but pray"

Hi All from Australia

I was going to watch the final shows of Oprah just to see what she is going to get up to but I have had a second thinking about watching.  With the show full packed with satan through the illuminati, I dont believe it will be good for anyone to watch as there could and most probably is a lot of subliminal stuff through the music in that show, probably more than usual.

God created music for one purpose to get the words from the conscious brain to the subconscious brain, music is the only vehicle that can do this - well I wonder why we always remember the words to the songs and these songs usually take us back to a special time and place in our lives, reliving that exact moment through our memories.

So NO I am not going to watch it, now knowing what the show will be and who it is for (the unsuspecting masses), I suggest that no one watch it.  In Australia the last show will be screened over 3 nights from Wednesday - well isnt that surprising, 3 and it gets into your brain, becomes a habit (prob a habit of thinking).

This is scarey stuff to those that are in the know and that have been forewarned by what is going on through the illuminati, but to those that don’t have a clue, we need to start praying and fasting for this trick of satan to fall flat on its head, cover the minds of all who watch it.