Pablo (27 May 2011)
"RE: Gordon Smith (26 May 2011) "Virgins, Wise & Foolish""

Brother Gordon,

I agree 100% with your post!

I've always believed the foolish virgins are actually the ones left behind, and the fact that he says "I do not know you." (Mat. 25:12) does not literately mean that he doesn't know them or were never actually saved (remember this is a parable) God is all knowing, and He absolutely 100% knows everyone, the frase itself points to the fact that they were found not worthy of going into the marriage at that point in time when the rapture happens.

According to old jewish marriage tradition, the actual wedding feast supper/banquet does not happen until 7 days after (7 years prophetically speaking) the ceremony and consumation of marriage is done in the secret chamber (hoopah), this is the reason why the wedding supper/banquet is not mentioned in the book of revelations up until chapter 19, I believe.

I'm still watching and waiting to see how this whole deal pans out! May the Lord Jesus find us watching and waiting on the day of His return!

May the Lord bless you always and God bless the doves!