Oliver Thomas (10 May 2011)
"Iceman: a sign to our generation?"


Is the body of the Iceman a SIGN of our generation


What is the curse of Cain? Here are the exact words found in Genesis 4:15


u·iamr and·he-is-saying  l·u  to·him  ieue Yahweh lkn therefore kl every-of erg one-killing-of qin Cain shbothim sevenfold iqm he-shall-be-avenged u·ishm and·he-is-placing ieue Yahweh l·qin for·Cain auth sign l·blthi to·so-as-not ekuth to-smite-of ath·u him kl every-of mtza·u one-finding-of·him


if you want to see this exact scripture here is the link from the interlinear Hebrew



What is the curse of the Iceman? Seven people who were highly involved in the discovery and research of the Iceman died traumatically or became terminally ill and died after contact with the Iceman:


1. The first to die was Dr. Rainer Henn, 64, who was the head of the forensic team who first examined the body.

2. The second was mountaineer Kurt Fritz, who led the team that retrieved the iceman's body from the mountain.

3. The third was journalist Rainer Hoelzl. He exclusively covered the removal of the body from the mountain as part of a one-hour documentary that was shown around the world.

4. The fourth was mountain climber Helmut Simon, the man who found the Iceman’s body.

5. The fifth was Dieter Warnecke the head of the mountain rescue team that recovered Helmut Simon’s body. He died of a heart attack less than an hour after Helmut Simon was buried.

6. The sixth was archaeologist Konrad Spindler, the leading expert on the 5,300-year-old corpse. The scientist dismissed the link between the five previous deaths and declared: “I suppose you will be saying I am the next to die." Shortly after this statement, his car ran off a steep mountain road killing Spindler.

7. The seventh to die was Dr. Tom Loy who died prior to finishing his book on the Iceman. He was the head of the DNA research team. Dr Loy died in 2005 but he was diagnosed with a very rare blood disease shortly after he began research on the Iceman. His extensive manuscript has never been found.


The 5300 year old body of the Iceman was found in the Italian Alps in 1991. This is the oldest human body ever found. This man was certainly a close relative of Adam who was still alive at this time, and the Iceman could have known Abel and Seth. There are many similarities between the Ice Man and Cain: Both were cursed from the earth that had "opened it's mouth” to receive Abel’s body when he was murdered, in other words Cain was not buried, both were slain with an arrow, both were marked on their bodies, the Ice Man has the ancient Hebrew letter X (tav) on his body which means a mark or a sign in Hebrew. The Bible states that God placed a mark on Cain for a sign, both were nomads wandering on the earth, both were hidden from the face of God, the Ice Man was encased in ice for over 5300 years, both died around the same time as Adam, both were born about the same period.


I think this could actually be the body of Cain! The Ice Man's DNA is type K, fairly unusual for the location in which he was found. Type K DNA originates in the Middle East. The DNA is of a classification previously unknown and the Iceman's DNA has no living descendents! All of Cain's descendents died in the flood. DNA testing has found the blood of 4 other people on his weapons and coat.


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