Ola Ilori (7 May 2011)

Hi Michelle,
If you stroll down to the bottom of Dr Owuor website, you will see he has 16 meetings scheduled.
His website is called repentandpreparetheway.org
He has cancelled the meeting for India scheduled for the 14th and 15th of May 2011.
I believe he did this because it was scheduled before he new when and where the rapture will occur!
I believe he's expecting the rapture to occur during his Lilongwe meetings to be held from the 20th-22nd of May 2011!
I believe he wants to take time to prepare for the rapture that's going to take place during his meeting in Malawi!!!
His schedule up until 2012 are:
Lilongwe, Malawi Revival
May 20-22, 2011

London, England Revival
June 18-20, 2011

Norway Oslo Conference
July 22-24, 2011

Venezuela Revival
August 26-28, 2011

Stockholm, Sweden Revival
September 23-25, 2011

Port Harcourt, Nigeria Revival
October 13-16, 2011

November 18-20, 2011

Durban, South Africa
December 2011

Adelaide, Australia Revival
January 28-29, 2012

Melbourne, Australia
January 29-30, 2012

Tucman, Argentina
March 2012

Costa Rica
April 2012

Dubai, UAE
May 2012

Taipei, Taiwan
June 2012

Oman Revival
July 2012

Accra, Ghana
October 2012