Ola Ilori (25 May 2011)
"RE: Harold Camping's Purpose"

Hi Fay,
I couldn't agree with you more!
Harold Camping has done exactly what the Lord wanted him to do!
His job, and that of his followers, was to make the World aware that an event called "The Rapture" is imminent!
The Lord used Harold Camping to put the Rapture event right up close in their faces!
Everyone was forced to make a choice either to mock the Rapture event, or take time to find out more about it from the Word, and as a result reflect on their relationship with God.
The World chose to mock the Rapture event and blaspheme God!
Those in the Apostate Church, as to be expected, just didn't get it, as they joined the World in mocking Harold Camping.
Already with tornadoes causing massive destruction in the US and volcanoes going of in Iceland, Judgement has begun!
This means the rapture is sooooo close.
The Lord in His mercy has chosen to use a man, a flawed man, in many ways, to inform the World of what He's about to do.
The Lord used Harold Camping to put the rapture event on CNN, ABC, FOX News, SKY News, the BBC, on the Internet, on the Radio, in Newspapers and on Billboards all over US.
What was the Lord suppose to do?
He couldn't us End-time Ministries like the Hal Lindsey Reports and Jack Van Impe International, to get the Word out that Judgement was imminent!
Because they're too concerned about maintaining there credibility.
The Lord needed a radical!
Some one who was prepared to put everything on the line for what he believed.
Harold Camping has had more impact on getting the Word out about the rapture than all the End-time Ministries put together!
This isn't just another "88 reasons why the rapture will be in 1988" situation.
For the World doesn't have another 23 Years to wait before the Rapture occurs!
I believe as at today, the 25th of May 2011, the World is just 10 Days away from the Rapture!
The Lord wasn't using Harold Camping to prepare souls for the Rapture, for He's already sealed all those who are to be raptured!
The Lord used Harold Camping to inform the Christ-rejecting-World that they've corrupted themselves in and mind and body, and that He's about to execute Judgement on them!!!

Fay (24 May 2011)
"Harold Camping's Purpose"

Hey John and Doves,

I am writing this on the evening of 23rd May 2011. I have just finished reading the letters on Doves. Thank you so much, John. Quite wonderful. I know that we are leaving very soon. I feel it in my spirit. The LORD has also given me many signs which I won't regale you with. Too many, and seemingly trivial to anyone else but me.

I just wanted to mention dear old Harold Camping. I have no idea what torment he is going through right now - he and all his followers. However, they were sent for a very real purpose. They should not be ashamed or lose hope in any way. Our LORD needed this to be done. It got the whole world talking. It got a good many mocking - just as the days of Noah. You see - I believe that these things had to come to pass in order to fit in with the ' as in the days of Noah' scripture. Harold Camping fulfilled prophecy for these end times. He showed great courage - knowing it could - realistically - subject him to mocking, ridicule and utter resentment. Think about it - it's a very brave thing to do. With every hour that passes, after the non event of 21st May 2011, the more I am aware that Harold Camping was a very necessary part of the coming Rapture. With our LORD - nothing is for nothing. Please lets all pray for Harold and his followers. Their heart break must be crippling.

I also want to mention Israel. Dark times are coming (as we all know) but I cannot begin to imagine what it must feel like to face the Holocaust - as the Jewish people did. I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to live with the virulent hatred that anti semitism breeds. The fear and ever present danger, has followed the Jewish people throughout history. A truly remarkable race. Their sins are no greater than anyone of us who might have been put in the same position. To whom God has given much - much is expected. The Jewish race has my utmost respect and I YEARN for the day they recognize their beloved Messiah - our LORD Jesus Christ. May the LORD bring this about as soon as possible. When I think of the Rapture, I don't really focus on what's going to be there for us. It's too much for me. We WILL be safe, joyous beyond belief and HOME. I long for the Rapture because I want this evil brought to an end. The sooner the Church is taken out of the way, the sooner the final gasp can begin. To rid the LORD'S beautiful, exquisite creation of ALL the evil. What a glorious day that will be.

PLEASE, PLEASE LORD Jesus. Come soon. Please come soon.

May God Bless us All
In Jesus Beloved Name