Ola Ilori (14 May 2011)

The modern-day church of this era has majorly been founded on the preaching of a prosperity gospel, that has to the greater extent contributed to her apostate condition.
 And what most of the present-day Christians have not well understood, is that spiritually the current apostasy in the church, as a matter of fact amounts to a house that has literally renounced her allegiance to the LORD.
Over the greater part of her existence, today's modern church has practically engaged in the teaching of a false form of Christianity that promotes the careless living and compromise with world.
 Faulting the word in this way is what has largely established apostasy and the blatant practising of lawlessness in the House of the LORD.
While God Almighty may have openly expressed his intention that mankind prosper here on earth, nevertheless was such prosperity intended to focus the heart of the church entirely into the perishable realm.
By God's design, the original blueprint of the creation of man meant every blessing of prosperity to draw mankind closer and closer to God Almighty.
However, it is now emerging more and more that to a greater extent the conception of this novel blueprint still remains for the most part, concealed to the present-day Christians.
For this reason, the grave spiritual misconception that is presently being fronted by the popular gospel of prosperity has consequently wiped the church to a state of near extinction.
In this condition of the house, Pastors can now openly confess living for self, as the Christians convert to a more casual relationship with the LORD.
Theological head knowledge charted by Pastors has gradually and most systematically overtaken the greatest promise God ever released to the church, the promise of the Holy Spirit as ultimate Counsellor.
Post-modern Christianity in its finest machinations, and especially through its false gospel of 'sow-a-seed to get your miracle', has surely proved itself seriously wanting of holiness to the degree that the church has now been largely reduced into business premises whose purpose is to entertain the local folk.
And that is the reason it is common practise to observe preachers acting comical even on such matters serious, as the cross and the blood. Yet the church in her normal spiritual senses knows it too well that, that was never the original intention for which Jesus was sent to the Cross to pay such a horrific heart-wrenching price of redemption.
Due to its inherent inadequacies, the gospel of prosperity has virtually failed to rebuke the sin that has today intruded into the church, and instead opted to entertain worldliness and spiritual decay among Christians.
Such spiritual decomposition has most recently presented as rampant ungodliness in the church, whereby manifesting excessive perversion, love of money, sexual immorality, homosexuality, lesbianism, even among the pastors.
This ilk of lawlessness in the house of the LORD, is what has negatively impacted the central calling of the church to evangelize the Jesus of Nazareth.
A derisory fall of this genre has also brushed her in bad light to the extent that today's Christians now bear a repulsive image that the heathen would neither long to bear, nor desire to associate with.
The rubric of it all is the appalling state of perpetual spiritual infancy dogged her countenance.
This apostasy has today well established in the church, even to the extent that believers are now reduced to a despondent batch that cares less for the Word.
It is unfortunate that this contemptible plummet has gone on virtually undetected for a very long time, and even more so this late in the day.
The failure to intuit this seemingly obvious but very sneaky fall in the church, is what has majorly contributed to the loss of sensibility to sin among Christians.
It is a numbness that has raised the church's threshold to sin, hence lulling her to eternal damnation, in a form of spiritual gangrene.
Sadly, it is so disheartening to realise that the real definition of gangrene is as a matter of fact the local death and decay of the body as a result of lack of blood in that area.
It can be said of the church today, that she surely lacks the blood of Jesus in the body.
If she doesn't repent urgently this gangrene could as well kill her.
The raising of the threshold to sin and evil simply means that Christians gradually become accustomed to not only observing sin in the church, but also accommodating it in their personal lives.
This is the careless living of compromise with the world, that has apparently not factored in the fear of the LORD and his holy reputation.
Spiritual numbness of this sort is what has exactly besmirched worship to the extent that today Christians no longer view their lifestyles as the true worship that Jesus taught on the cross.
If there was any take-home lesson that Jesus emblematically left on the cross, it was the crucifixion of the flesh. In that most exuberant greatest disposition of love towards the church, as the LORD gave his life on the cross, he also unveiled to her the biggest secret to a successful christian lifestyle.
And that secret literally lay in the complete obliteration of the sinful desires of the flesh in order to be born-again.
This is one particular aspect of christian salvation that the larger majority of present-day Christians have least understood.
Contrary to the sad association of material possession with success, a true successful christian lifestyle involves the shunning of sin and walking in absolute holiness for entry into the kingdom of God.
The failure by the Pastors to augment their teachings with this novel cradle of the gospel (the cross), is what has now turned church services into a great dishonour of our time, hence reducing it into a mere pascal traditions.
It is surprising though, that a form of faithlessness has gradually encroached into the holy pulpit, with the shepherds veritably lacking the conviction to believe for divine provision from the LORD.
This lack of assurance that is currently proliferating among Pastors to the effect that God may not be able to miraculously provide for them in this day and age, is what has unfortunately hatched out a stinging wave of virulent false teachers of the Word.
This clique has today mutated into a bunch of Pastors who can out-rightly lie publicly, in order to loot offerings and the so-called 'seed' money from the faithful.
They are the false prophets of the day. The priesthood today can openly deceive and feast on the sins of the saints in order to earn their so-called decent living.