Ola Ilori (10 May 2011)

Hi Doves,
Many people in the Church and around the World are denouncing Harold Camping as a false prophet.
They are absolutely convinced that his date, the 21st of May 2011 will be a none event.
Yes, it's true a lot of his theology is off.
However, on this issue of the rapture occurring on the 21st of May 2011, he is correct.
He has succeeded in getting the word out that Judgement is imminent!
The World will be without excuse for not taking heed!
In addition, there has been so many dreams and visions that appear to indicate this Month of May is it.
I also believe the Lord has shown Dr. Owuor that the rapture will take place on the 20th/21st of May 2011!
That's why he scheduled a revival in Malawi on that Date!
Back in January, before I came across Mr. Camping's prediction, I came to the same conclusion that the Rapture will take place on the 20th/21st of May 2011.
Unlike Mr. Camping it didn't take complex mathematical calculations to work it out.
All I had to understand was that the Jewish Calendar is off by two Months, and then count off 16 Days, in the correct Month to arrive at the 20th/21st of May 2011, the correct Day on which the Feast of First-fruits falls!
This is why Mr. Camping's prediction should be dismissed
The rapture will occur on the 20th/21st of May 2011.
I believe it will occur by 19:32 hrs Sunset [Jerusalem time] on the 20th of May 2011.
At that time, it will already be past Midnight, and therefore the 21st of May 2011, insome Countries around the World!
These Countries include:
Hong Kong
South Korea
New Zealand
The rest of the World, including the US and Europe, will experience the Rapture on the 20th of May 2011.
Many Pastors are so busy denouncing Mr Camping, they're failing to prepare their congregations for the rapture!
Unbeknown to them, their Churches are being prepared for the refining fires of the Tribulation!
For many have not really understood the true purpose of the Great Tribulation.
It's primary purpose is for the phasing out the Apostate Gentile Church, while at the same time phasing in the the New Millennium Church.
By 2018, Institutionalised Christianity, the cause of so much deception Worldwide, will cease to exist.
For every man and his household will  worship the Lord Jesus Christ directly.
This is what the Feast of Tabernacles represents.
The New Millennium Church, made up of Jews and Gentiles, is going to be brought into existence through the glorified saints dwelling in the Heavens.
"Do you not know that the saints will judge the World?" [1Cor.6:2]
The Millennium Church is going to start off with those who were not ready for the rapture because they subscribed to the false doctrine that is rampant in so many Churches today.
And that is, they can practise lawlessness, live in adultery[divorce and remarriage] and still be raptured!
Immediately after the rapture, many Churches are going to lose their left-behind congregations overnight.
Many Churches, Ministries and Christian Networks will go bankrupt overnight!
Not because their members were rapture, but because many left-behind members will no longer accept their false teachings.
They will all look to the Lord, through His Word for instructions on what to do.
These saints, over the next 1,260 Days are going to increase in Knowledge, wisdom, love and power.
These virtues are going to be poured out all over the World through the glorified saints dwelling in the heavens.
What many have not yet understood is that as glory is being poured out on the saints on earth, it will bring death and destruction on all those who insist on living in rebellion and wickedness.
So the logical reasoning of the Antichrist is simple.
Kill all the saints on earth so there won't be saints to receive power from heaven.
By doing this, death and destruction amongst all those who make up the Apostate Church and the wicked will cease!
This will be the reasoning of the Antichrist.
This is why the killing of saints will begin by October 2014, for by then the Antichrist would be in a position to carry out his wicked plan!
It will not succeed!
For the more the Antichrist kills the saints the more intense God's judgement on earth will be.
By the time the Lord Comes in 2018 the Apostate Church will be destroyed and the World population will be greatly reduced!
The New Millennium Church will emerge all over the World victorious.
A new dawn of peace on earth will begin.