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"To CJ and doves Rapture on Ascencion day June 2, 2011 Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses on Sunday June 12, 2011"


May 25, 2011Rapture on Ascencion day June 2, 2011 Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses on Sunday June 12, 2011

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May 25, 2011Rapture on Ascencion day June 2, 2011 Apocalypse and the Two Witnesses onSunday June 12, 2011

It is with great joy that this post is being written. It refers to a post by CJ on May 24, 2011on and he has done such a good job that it is worth to comment a lot more on this.

In the last few days the world has been flooded with the news that the Rapture was going to be inMay 21, 2011and was predicted to be so by a retired civil engineer, which is also my profession, named Harold Camping. Because of him the Rapture became vos populi and spread throughout the whole world. Few believed his prediction and the majority made fun of him. I have documented this in my blog several times.

His daring and wrong date effort has served the purpose to inform the whole world of a thing called the Rapture. In this manner he served the purpose of educating the masses of the world on this concept. Many Christians believe he was doing harm by date setting, and although I did not believe this date was possible I thought was a thing that would help the world understand the Rapture when it occurs.

Just after this the founder of the web site where CJ posted on the 24, Mr. John Tng posted Part I

and II

of the day that he suspected was hidden in the scriptures for the Rapture.

On part I, my comment to John Tng was that this date of May 24, 33 AD was Pentecost on the year that it occurred and that it could be pointing to Pentecost and not to May 24 of 2011. When he wrote part two I realized that this could also be pointing to the two witnesses and the start of the Apocalypse.

In his post of May 24, 2011 CJ has taken these two things and amplified them in a manner that it is a great feat of scriptural reasoning and conclusions.

It is my opinion that the body of Christ is being energized to produce this series of revelations as the dates approach.

One observation that I want to make about his article is that Ascension day this year is on June 2 and Pentecost on June 12 according to the Christian calendar and the New moon is on June 2 as shown below. Keep in mind that the Jewish calendars show another day for Shevout, although it will not correspond with the moon on June 2. The link

With this introduction I include the post by CJ and I want to thank Suzi, Bruce, Warner,KMLJimmy, Fj, Mary Anna, Rene and Regina who by posting about CJ directed me to go back and read the post by CJ that I had miss that day!!!!


CJ (24 May 2011)