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"Nicole good article “The “Birth” of the Antichrist”"


Nicole (30 Apr 2011) “The “Birth” of the Antichrist”

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Nicole you wrote a very good article today. I have made some of your links active so that it is easy to get to them.

The subjects of your article are three fold and I agree with them. First Barrack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist as you have stated. The release of this document is seen by different people in different ways as you so aptly mentioned. In today’s Miami Herald on the opinion page there were ten letters to the editor total and six were about the birth-certificate all of them making fun or calling those who support the people asking for a release racist or other derogatory statement. One letter was making fun of Pat Robertson statement of God’s wrath? on the tornadoes that swept the USA. I will try to include them at the end.

Second I want to point out that yes we are very close to the end as you also mentioned.

And third the royal wedding in England is a prelude of another Royal Wedding (ours) that I intent to write more about.


Nicole (30 Apr 2011)
The “Birth” of the Antichrist

The release of the birth certificate now is strategic.   If you were looking at this from one perspective and liked Obama, you would think he did this because he was tired of being hounded and finally said, enough is enough from a surface level.   Now if you wanted to go a level deeper, you would start to think that this man is trying to run for office in 2012 and secure his footing in the race.  I am sure Obama’s followers think at the first level, and the conservative politicians who want him removed from office think at this second level.

But here is yet a deeper level to convince you of the times that we are living in which the watchers think at.

1) Jesus died 4/3 33AD and rose the morning of 4/6 33AD.   This year in 2011 it has been 1978 years since His resurrection.

2) This year we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus on the world recognized day of Easter on 4/24/2011.  Obama did not speak out to the nation or world to wish them a happy Easter, and we see a picture of lightening striking the White House that day.   I only found this article, so I believe it to be a true statement.

Remember Matthew 24:27 For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.

And Job 36:32 He fills his hands with lightning and commands it to strike its mark.


3) Right after we celebrated the recognized holiday of Jesus resurrection, Obama releases his OWN birth certificate.  It is like he was waiting until after Easter to do this.   Exactly 1978 years after our Lord Jesus Christ arose, he waits until after Easter and it is like he is saying that IT IS HIS TIME.

4) By reviewing the post of Lewis Bracket and how the part of the hospital listed on Obama’s birth certificate, the name did not come into existence until 1978, I verified the information on Wikipedia and he is correct.   1978, there’s that number again.

5) The week RIGHT after Easter there is a wedding of Prince William and Kate on Hitler’s anniversary, the same week Obama gives out his birth certificate.   Which I believe it is a fake.

Notice how Dr. David Owuor had a mighty vision on 11/1/2006 of the blessed eternal wedding rings that Jesus will marry the Bride with and Prince William will not wear a wedding ring.

Also notice my vision that the Lord sent us, the watchers, a beautiful white wedding bouquet in the sky (looks EXACTLY like Maria Von Trapp’s bouquet in the movie The Sound of Music…notice she gets married RIGHT BEFORE THE RISE OF HITLER and Maria was a Godly woman).


I had two dreams the night of 3/29/2011…possibly wee hours of the morning PST 3/30/2011.

Dream 1:   I dreamed that I was standing outside with a large group of watchers from all the various internet rapture websites.   Now this was not a group of Christian websites, ONLY the serious rapture websites.   I am not even talking about the Christian websites that have a rapture area on their index of topics.  I am talking about websites that have the word RAPTURE in them or their MAIN BOARD being the rapture.     The group was quite large that was standing with me and I could see that they were from all over the world.   I saw every race, color, ethnicity, man and woman, various ages, different walks of people like living in the country, city, etc.    I saw the Lord showing me in this dream that He considers all the websites who are watching for the rapture to be one group of watchers.   However, He showed me that there will be a great separation on the day of the Rapture even in this group.   I was perplexed about it how someone on a watcher forum could possibly be left behind, but here is what the Lord showed me, that people dropping in on forums to make comments may just want to be in on the hype….or those that have been watching may not have true faith.

In this dream when I was with everyone outside, I saw a weird cloud in the sky.   At first it seemed very trivial.   But I heard a small voice telling me to say something and I had to be quiet to hear.   I pointed up in the sky, and I said doesn’t that cloud look weird?   The cloud seemed to be morphing into some kind of object.   The serious Philadelphians started seeing this cloud morph into some sort of object and they all started pointing.   I could see that the serious watchers wanted to be very careful one way or the other before they commented.   They seemed to tread lightly as if going through a field of land mines.   Whether or not they thought it silly to be watching a cloud, they did not say but kept their eyes on it for a while wanting it so bad to be a sign, something wonderful from the Lord.    The other half of the group started making comments one by one.   I heard comments such as It’s JUST A CLOUD and YOU READ TOO MUCH INTO THINGS and I DON’T SEE HOW THIS CLOUD RELATES TO ANYTHING and BEING A SIGN SEEKER IS NOT BEING A WATCHER.   The Philadelphians did not pay any attention to the comments at all and kept their eyes on the cloud JUST IN CASE.   And guess what?   It started morphing into a Bridal bouquet and it was pure white and the bouquet came down from the sky to the faithful watchers.   The other part of the group were left behind.

Dream 2:  I dreamed that after the Rapture there was a large group in Heaven waiting for the wedding to the Lord Jesus.   All of a sudden there was this experience (which I think only symbolic) in which the BEST characteristics in each of us sort of “came off” of us…..characteristics in us that Jesus had worked so hard for during our life on earth.   And when the “parts” of us came off, they all started floating and then they all came together and formed a woman.   Now it was not a real woman, it was like a hologram and it was the Bride.   She was the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I had ever, ever, ever seen.   She had a smiling face and she had on pure white.   She was so very happy!


It is almost finished!

6) Shortly after Easter we find an article that in Egypt there is an uncovery of antiquities of an approximately 42 foot statue of a Pharoah.   Remember when Obama went to Egypt and saw a picture or something of King Tut and he said, wow he looks like me?

Remember Revelation 13:15 He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.


7) We see in the study of the Heavens that the antichrist is rising between December 21, 2010 and December 10, 2011.   What a strategic time to give out his birth certificate.




The readers’ forum

Birth-certificate flap not the real issue

Releasing President Obama’s birth certificate has an unseen toll. Perhaps the most enduring effect of this racist controversy will be the sense of disconnection and powerlessness that this never-ending campaign will have on many of us.

Republicans have pushed through more legislation to erode our civil rights, seeking to weaken voting laws; enacting laws to allow racial profiling and race discrimination. The job situation has not improved measurably; women’s rights (especially pertaining to abortion) are being challenged again; two wars going on — and the Republicans waste our resources on an issue that was dead a long time ago and clearly racially motivated.

What’s more, they will now look for other ways to continue this. These days, I’m not embarrassed by being an American; I’m embarrassed that I have to share America with these people.

Marcelo Salup, Coral Gables


Don’t you just love people who ask you to show proof of who you are? Case in point: The president’s birth certificate.

Ninety percent of the time those questions come from people who are truly trying to hide things; people who say that they want less government intrusion, then try to take away women’s rights. They tell us that they want us to have to pray, even if that wasn’t on our agenda that day. They hide the fact that they really are going after things like our Medicare. If you think I could vote for people like that, you must be crazy.

Barry Levy, Miami


To the shame of every decent American, the president of the United States was compelled by the lunatic fringe to release his long-form birth certificate. For the first time in our nation’s history, our president, like a suspect criminal, has been asked to “show me your papers.”

Obvious racism, anyone?

What is next? Certificates of only trifling adultery from family-values politicians? Minor-hypocrisy affidavits from Republicans who pretend to hate deficits while giving tax breaks to oil companies and the super rich? I’m still waiting to see the birth certificate of that pitiful thing clinging to Donald Trump’s head.

Raul E. Hernandez, Miami


Donald Trump is proud of himself — and well he should be — for instigating another meaningless media diversion from any pertinent foreign or domestic issues. Now that the president has produced this golden document, will the birthers please go away?

As for Trump, he was surprisingly as proud as a peacock, looking like Geraldo Rivera when he opened Al Capone’s safe.

Trump is in the lead for the GOP ticket for 2012. But he is nothing more than an overpaid circus barker. With serious problems to address, is this all the Republicans have to offer?

Bob Litman, Miami


Donald Trump is beginning to sound more like Donald Duck. His ranting may be his ruse to gain a lot of publicity, but in the process he has lost the respect of a lot of people.

Anthony Liotti,

Sunny Isles Beach


Donald Trump alludes to a possible taint in President Obama’s scholastic record because of affirmative action. However, Trump born to a multimillionaire father, was the beneficiary of a sort of “affirmative action” that Obama could never have dreamed of. Yet Obama rose to be president of the United States, a position to which Trump can only aspire.

Herb Wolfson, Bal Harbour

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The last letter I mentioned was not online so I am copying it. It appeared under a photo of a destroyed business with the Tuscaloosa sign in the floor.

Gods Wrath?

Remember how Pat Robertson a nd other evangelicals blamed liberals, gays and feminists for the 9/11 attacks, saying it was God’s punishment for something or other?

Well, what do the same people say about the tornados in the Southeast– God’s punishment for voting Republican, perhaps?