Myra (27 May 2011)
"Fay Re: Obama's "Gaffe""

Hi John and Fay,
I too, thought how utterly disgusting this guy is.  The minute I heard the date he wrote down gave me chills. There must be a significant reason for him writing that date, NO accident.  Strange how it connected with John Tng's May 24 and the other research John has done concerning Obama.  Keep it up John!!
I think Prime Minister Netanyahu is a class act too. Joel Rosenberg had some interesting things to say in his newsletter today about him, thought you might like to read a couple paragraphs.
The Prime Minister's speech to Congress was excellent in many ways.  He rightly described the "epic battle" underway in the epicenter.  He described a great shaking going on in the Middle East.  He rightly warned that Iran and her nuclear program is the greatest threat, that Hamas is the  new al Qaeda, and that in all of the Arab world, only Israeli Arabs have true safety, security, and fully protected human and civil rights.
However, it should be noted that Netanyahu never cited the Bible, never called on the name of the Lord, and never called the Jewish people to trust fully and completely in the God of Israel, but rather promised to divide the land of Israel as a concession to the Palestinians, even while promising never to divide Jerusalem.  These were mistakes.  He wasn't the first Prime Minister to make them.  But he is making them non the less.  He was right to thank the U.S. for all our help and support of Israel over the years, and he was right to seek continued help and support from the American people and government.  But neither he nor Israel should become dependent upon American help because the Bible tells us it won't be there for long.
The Bible is clear: only the Lord will save Israel.  It is time for Israelis to consider this very carefully.  For time is short.  "The Day of the Lord is coming; surely it is near."  (Joel 2:1)