MSpivey (20 May 2011)
"Re: Ra-el"

Dear Doves,
When I read the post today and from yesterday about Rael I knew I had to say something.  I have been researching Rael and the raelians- his followers- for years now.  I saw him on TV  for the first time around 9 years ago.  Someone had interviewed this female Doctor who was one of them and had her own group called the Clonaids- a division of the raelians.  They had supposedly successfully cloned a good amount of babies around the world and at that time had started to be born.  This promoted me to  begin my research.  Rael claims that he had an encounter with a ufo and its occupants-aliens.   According to him they claimed to be our creators and the bible was really about them.  This was the beginning of the raelians.  They gave him instructions to prepare for their return to earth.  Rael was instructed to request that Israel sell a certain piece of land to him so that he could  build an embassy for their return to earth.  If Israel accepted this request then they would return peacefully, if not there would be war.  In order to become a member of the raelians you have to donate a chip of bone located in between the eye brow area in which they claim contains all the dna needed to clone.  Their idea of eternal life is obtained through cloning.   I fell this man is a nut case.  However, if on Saturday, May 21, 2011 we experience a mass ufo invasion and they try to enforce worship of Rael, well we can rest assured that he is the anti-christ.  Coming from this guy I will believe it when I see it.