Mike Curtiss (30 May 2011)
"Obama the Weak?"

Obama the Weak
RCP ^ | May 29, 2011 | Jack Kelly
Posted on Sunday, May 29, 2011 1:32:56 PM by MontaniSemperLiberi
He has experience in executive positions in both government and private business, and an impressive military record.
As a graduate of both Harvard and MIT, his establishment credentials are impeccable. But his strong conservatism has a populist strain. He connects with ordinary folks.
He's a member of a minority group which usually votes Democratic.
A champion debater at Cheltenham High School in the Philadelphia suburbs, he is an inspiring orator. He gets under Barack Obama's skin.
Alas, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu already has a job. He's prime minister of Israel.
"This is what a leader looks like," wrote Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media of Mr. Netanyahu's "very impressive" speech to Congress. "Not a word of it will have to be 'clarified' or walked back in a day or two. It will not be 'misunderstood,' as President Obama claims his speech of last week has been. I have had many friends on the Republican side tell me 'if only we had a candidate like that.' "