Michelle S (5 May 2011)
"Re: Ed (4 May 2011) "Paranoia""


Thank you for saying that Ed...so sadly true. A former pastor of mine once said people can't distinguish truth from its counterfeit because they don't really KNOW the real thing. If Christians don't take the time to not only read the word for themselves but also to study it out so they can know what it actually means, how are they going to discern truth from a lie even when it's standing in front of them yelling into a microphone. How will they know? I am convinced Dr. Owuor stands in the ranks of a true prophet called of God. As with all true prophets, great persecution accompanies the call, often times from those in the highest offices of the church or right there in their own homes. But no problem, these people KNOW the Lord has their backs. Thanks again for your comment. It was timely and spot on.

Michelle S.
Ed (4 May 2011)

Some people are so paranoid of false christs, false teachers, they are unable to hear true teachers, nor do they seem to be able to discern between them.  Not all teachers, not all with anointings, are false.
Such ramblings truly grow tiresome.