Michelle S (23 May 2011)
"It's critical now that the Bride stays awake!"



I also see the good that came out of the May 21st rapture prediction as others have pointed out. So many Christians were awakened from oblivious slumber and many in the world heard for the first time about this thing called a “rapture.” But it’s been in my spirit very loudly yesterday and today, to warn those we witness to that now is especially not the time to fall back asleep.

In Matthew 26:38-41, Jesus asks Peter, James and John to stay awake with him and pray as He anguished over the “cup” of the cross before Him.  He went off to pray and when He returned just a very short time later they were all asleep.  Jesus said “could you not even stay awake with me one hour?  “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation….

The line, “that ye enter not into temptation… really struck me when I went to read this story about the disciples repeatedly falling asleep at such a critical time. The one “hour” here is the Greek word hōra for “moment in time.”  In other words, Jesus was saying, you couldn’t even stay awake with me for this significant moment in time?  This is obviously the danger in not watching daily for the rapture to come! Rev. 3:3 says if we don’t watch for Him, He’ll come as a thief…and likely catch us in our fallen states of personal temptation and sin….unprepared…lukewarm. And we know what happens to the lukewarm.

In light of a likely imminent rapture, please pray with me that all who have been awakened as a result of the May 21st prediction, will remain alert and become watchful, faithful servants who won’t fall back asleep; and who won’t be lulled again into that very dangerous place of luke warmness.



Michelle S.