Michelle (2 May 2011)
"The Book Of Enoch and 2011!!"

Hi all.
Ive been looking at the historical book of Enoch of late.
Its very interesting, and also gives some behind the scene incites
to the stories we know from the Bible.
Enoch does mention that the fallen angels were to be held in chains for 10,000 yrs.
To some with the mathematical minds, youll love this.
Im more a "just give me the answer at the end" person.
You may be surprised to see the final date down the bottom of the page.  2011 the fifth month.
Thats May.  Im just saying!!  Dr Owuor has meetings in May!!!!!
It does question the thought of a preademic race though.
And from The 2nd Book of Adam and Eve Another bit of interest is what
Noah did with Adams body after the flood.
I urge you to look the book up and read it before you reply.
So lets get this, Im not saying this is it, Im not asking you to change your
current belief system, take it as a good read.