Michele Kennedy (27 May 2011)


Frank Molver’s Post got me to thinking!



I wanted to make some comments/thoughts and study words on this subject of Obama’s body language as well, Frank.

 I watched Obama’s face and body language with utter amazement, at his OBVIOUS HATRED of this man and who Netanyahu represents.  God’s Covenant and Satan’s Utter Failure!

Thanks for sharing it!



Yesterday in my study of the B’s, http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/michelek526.htm

I come across the word Hate but is not found in the concordance under the word ‘Hate.’

Its #340 – 347


#347  IYOWB and is the NAME of JOB. 

I have come to the realization that the OT Bible is all about Israel’s past present and future, and the book of JOB’s sufferings are hard to understand on the surface reading, but when understanding it from a Hebraic Language it becomes clear this Book is about Israel in her time of Greatest Testing to come.  The Tribulation Period.


Israel is the HATED by the AntiChrist and the Spirit of AntiChrist that has been in the world since time began.

Job is Hated and is  from ARAM ‘exalted’ a place in the Arabian Desert area.   Arabs are the Islamic Religion of Hate.


#8130 SANE:         HATE

#8131 SHENE:      HATE

#8132 SHANA:      ALTER-----CHANGE

#8133 SHENA:      Alter, Change, BE DIVERSE



Hatred in Hebrew is physically expressed as PUFFING, BREATHING, and BLOWING of air.  As in a heat of Passion for something.  In a negative sense of the word, LUST, GREED.


In a positive sense LOVE, Passionate, In LOVE.


#157 AHAB;  To Have Affection for;  Be love, beloved, like, friend.

Ahab is JEZEBEL’S HUSBAND.  It was a ‘Love Hate Relationship’ I’m sure!



(a story to demonstrate this:) TAMAR (Israel) and AMMON (Amerika UNDER BO ISLAMIC/SATANIC INFLUENCES).


(I Samuel 13 story is all about Israel and her brother/close relationship with (America)whose Unrighteous Lust for her causes Ammon to  then set a trap for her to serve him, then she is caught, raped and then cast out!


When Tamar then says, “ There is NO CAUSE; for this EVIL in sending me away, is greater than the  other that thou didst unto me.”

#182 ‘No “Cause”’ in Hebrew is the word OWDOTH:  meaning, a Fire Brand tool, a Poker for turning or gathering the embers.


Next word down.


#183 Avah:  Wish for, Covet, Greatly desire, be desirous, long, lust after.




Jer 51:1

Thus saith 559 the LORD 3068; Behold, I will raise up 5782 against Babylon 894, and against them that dwell 3427 in the midst 3820 of them that rise up 6965 against me, a destroying 7843 wind 7307;


Jer 51:16  

When he uttereth 5414 [his] voice 6963, [there is] a multitude 1995 of waters 4325 in the heavens 8064; and he causeth the vapours 5387 to ascend 5927 from the ends 7097 of the earth 776: he maketh 6213 lightnings 1300 with rain 4306, and bringeth forth 3318 the wind 7307 out of his treasures 214.


Hate #341 ‘Oyeb’


Exd 15:9


The enemy341 said 559 , I will pursue 7291 , I will overtake 5381 , I will divide 2505 the spoil 7998; my lust 5315 shall be satisfied 4390 upon them; I will draw 7324 my sword 2719, my hand 3027 shall destroy 3423 them.

The SWORD of Islam is in found  the symbols of Allah and equals 666!



# 348  IYZOWBEL:  Iy Z ow BEL  Or  JEZEBEL. 


 Iy = NOT query?,  ZeBeL= dwelling, residence. ‘ NOT? DWELLING’ int. as ‘CHASTE.’  I think it may elude to something passed over. Gone, No more. But in a question sense.  “Are they not dwelling” among us?


ISSA is the name of JESUS in ISLAM.

Islam teaches that  The False Prophet ISSA will hold to the doctrine of Islam and come, to destroy all the Christians.



She is a WOMAN spirit alive and well in the ‘church’ today.   This Spirit is identified as ISSA BAAL/JEZEBEL.  In Revelation 2:20; Her Doctrines are found in the church of Pergamum who holds to her Abominable Doctrines.  Fornication and Eating things sacrificed unto idols(Moloch, Molech).

"Isa" is likewise another name for Chandra, the Indian moon god, as well as for Shiva's Egyptian counterpart, the soli-lunar god Osiris, also called Iswara in India:”

Iswara, or Isa, and Isani, or Isisi, are…unquestionably the

Osiris and Isis of Egypt


#348 Jezebel:  This word is found in Revelation 2:20


Rev 2:20


Notwithstanding 235 I have 2192 a few things 3641 against 2596 thee 4675, because 3754 thou sufferest 1439 that woman 1135 Jezebel2403, which 3588 calleth 3004 herself 1438 a prophetess 4398, to teach 1321 and 2532 to seduce 4105 my 1699 servants 1401 to commit fornication 4203 , and 2532 to eat 5315 things sacrificed unto idols 1494.”





The Whirlwinds of our Nation are demonstrating this spiritual aspect of Obama’s HATRED  for ISREAL, but will develop into his great LUST for Jerusalem.  In his speeches starting in April and still continuing on he is turning his position towards Jerusalem.  That’s when the TORNADO’S BEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!