Michele Kennedy (25 May 2011)
"Judgment? "Your HeartLand, My Heartland""

“Your Heartland & My Heartland”


Psalms 11:1 prophecy for 2011

The Lord showed me this and confirmed it over several times in one day in the Word after my dream. 

Lord gave me a vision in a dream this month of praying/prophesying for America when I instantly and suddenly became completely NAKED.  It was as a scale, a balance of -  ‘for this extreme measure, you must approach Me in this same extreme way!”

Psalm 11:1

“To the chief Musician A psalm of David:  In the Lord I put my trust; how say ye to my soul,

Flee (NUWD) as a bird to your mountain.”

The Warning!  Flee!  Run!  Get to the Mountain!!!!

The Safety of the Lord

Word Mentioned 24 x

Word #5 1 1 0

5 11 24  all  the numbers  for  the  date of 5/24/11

#5110 NUWD:  Take Flight into the Arms of the Lord’s Safety…Yeshua.  We need to remember that The Lord is in Control of the Weather

On this day  5/24/11 “The Heartland” was hit hard with

Whirlwinds; Tempests and Horrific Wind Storms

Is this is a Judgment upon our nation from the Lord, I believe it is because of this Nation  elected President whom the people chose to lead our nations final decisions and is, even this month of May, actively pushing against God’s Chosen people, Israel, standing against her, Pressing her to divide His ‘Heartland.

Obama’s putting our Nation in a life and death situation for USA.

We in America are now in CARDIAC ARREST in our Heartland. 

Our Heart, the organ of our life, is being severed from our own life source….God and Israel His Chosen People.  She is the Center of the World, and The Apple of His  Eye and her name is written in the Palm of His hand.  ‘W’ sheen.  America’s life depends of Israel’s life.

Where does that leave US?  As God’s glory  departs


Re: Samson and Delilah are the story and picture of this predicament.

 We, America, are forcing Israel to become as Samson was.  Afflicted until he finally, through exhaustion and long repeated blows, finally releases the secret of his strength and power. 

His hair, as dangling down in 7 locks (# of perfection/completion, fastening upon someone/Yeshua) as evidence of his glory as a being God’s set apart/Nazarite. 

Delilah then calls in the Philistines (Today’s Uncircumcised Palestinians).

Jdg. 16:19 And she made him sleep 3462 upon her knees 1290 (berek); and she called 7121 for a man 376, and she caused him to shave off 1548 the seven 7651 locks 4253 of his head 7218; and she began 2490 to afflict 6031 him, and his strength 3581 went 5493 from him.