Michele Kennedy (23 May 2011)
"Prophetic Flood Dream for Now!"

Flood Dream


It was Thanksgiving Day and Brian and I were getting up from the table to leave for evening.  The scenery was a very small town in a forested area.   We were walking toward the west, to our white truck, and saw water running in the street towards us.  It was not deep at all, just running steadily.  But just as I thought it was safe to just walk to the truck, the water began Rushing very quickly and then we began running to the truck! 

Just as soon as I got into the truck, I grabbed the door handle and looked out to shut the door, and to my shock, the waters were already up to the bottom of the door!  I hurriedly struggled to slam the door shut, and then in a totally bewildered voice said to Brian, “A FLOOD!  In GILLETTE!” 

We saw all the water rushing around the truck so deeply, swirling and churning.  We both were in complete shock!  Then the truck began to rise up, floating on the water, and just then the water began to leak into the floorboard inside the truck! 

The waters rose quickly, higher and higher to the feet, then the legs, then the belly, then the chest, and then the neck.  At this point I turned to Brian and said, “On this day, in this way, I am going to die?”  And he was silent, staring at my eyes.

I wasn’t afraid of the water itself, as I am naturally.  I just accepted it, and was more shocked that in this way I was going to die!

Then the water was up to the roof and I was breathing in air from a very small area, the last part of life for us.  Then the lights went out.  Time stopped.

Then it was as if some time had passed and we both found ourselves in a dry sandstone riverbed, that was surrounded by forest trees all around but to the east was a black, craggy majestic looking mountain.

We knew we had just been in the Flood, and KNEW the flood was not over, and that it was now coming towards those living in the dry riverbed.  People were LIVING in this dry riverbed, no houses or anything just people, but they were as if zombie’s walking around, not normal.

We both urgently ran to one after the other, warning them about the dangers of this flood that is coming is fierce!  “A flood is coming!  A flood is coming!  Get to the MOUNTAIN NOW!!!” 

Everyone we went to was just like a ‘zombie,’ completely dead to all emotion!  They didn’t even look at us when we were talking to them.  Like they were walking dead!  I was just amazed at this!  Why are they not listening, not showing any reaction to our warning?  Why?

Then we realized it was time!  “Get up! Flee to the MOUNTAIN!”  I could hear it’s rumbling from the place we had been before.  In a rush, almost panic, we RAN as fast as we could to the black, craggy Mountain and I thought to myself about our children.  “Where are they?  Are they going to be safe? “And I was given the sense they were ‘safe. They were with a friend.’  That was a comfort, to know they would not be in this destruction.

We both then, together, began climbing the Mountain. Higher and Higher.  We reached to the half way mark and found a landing area there and so we stopped climbing and turned to look toward the riverbed and the people in it. We could hear the rumbling of the water coming.

The people were still wandering around, when suddenly the water come rushing very loudly, high up to our left.  Then just as soon as we heard the loud noise, the water came up like a Tsunami, Raging Way Up over the tops of the trees even!  A Humungous Wave that had no mercy and it was headed straight for the people in the dry, sandstone riverbed!

The Waters crashed down into the riverbed and it was then when the people came alive emotionally!  Their faces were full of horrific fear!  I watched in wonder.  Why didn’t they hear? The waters picked them up by their feet and lifted them all, sweeping them away down, down, down in its path of destruction. 

At that point I had a vision in the dream.

I saw 3 creatures I called “abominable snowmen’.  They were covered completely with tan hair; Not a human looking creature at all.  The 3 were standing on a round piece of ICE, frozen solid with a hole in the middle of it.  The three creatures had a ‘victim’ bound with a rope, HAND TO FEET. 

One creature was holding the ‘victim’ upside down over the hole in the ice.  The other creature took a PIECE OF LAND MASS of EARTH and brought it down in front of the victims face.  The reaction of the victim to the land mass was key to their judgment. 

I watched as the victim was shown the land mass of Earth, and smiled at it.  Then the last creature took the victims head in his hands and cracked it against the ice hole.  Then the 1st creature dropped the victim through the hole. End of Vision

I then began to climb further up the Mountain, and realized I was alone now.  As I arrived at the top, I was with a Christian friend, Gail, and we both had made it to the top of the mountain.  We saw many people mostly elderly, who had been through the flood, wet cold and disoriented; still in a daze.  Their trailer homes were standing l and we were to help them.

End of the dream.


Now I felt compelled to share this dream, because when I had it years ago, it didn’t fit any current life situation.  I did do research the dream’s words in Hebrew and received much revelation about it that way.

But the Flood dream is now a reality. 

Brian and I did endure and terrific trial of faith, and even a great fall, that put us both in a deep sleep spiritually. Little by little the flood waters overtook us both.

On 1/10/11 Through much spiritual vexation, and struggle I awoke, and found the Lord hand heavy upon me.  Through fasting and reading the Word and praying I was given great revelations about the coming deception that many would consider too dark, too sinister to even look at. 

He was showing me, He was leading me and I was listening, learning again.

Dreams began again, and then words and numbers even that lead me on to more study and understanding.

That was now 4 months ago, and the Lord has revealed more to me in this time, than I ever received before.  Praises to His Faithfulness!!!! 

I now know He knew when this dream would become meaningful, to me and to others who would listen.

There is a great deception coming upon the world that will cause many to fall away from the faith they thought they had.  It will shake each of us to our very core, to try our faith, as fire.  This is where the  Christian is separated from those just claiming to be.

The Land Mass of Earth

We are not to love the earth/ world, for the love of the Father is not in those who love the World. 

The deception coming from Satan himself, and began before the Earth was even created.  When Satan fell he took 1/3 of the Angels with him, and the Book of Enoch tells us they came down upon Mt. Hermon in Israel Highest Mountain. 

These 200 leading angels then made a pact to go take women to marry for themselves and begin to procreate their own seed, mingling theirs with God’s seed.


God’s  Seed Prophecy

Gen 3:15  

And I will put 7896 enmity 342 between thee and the woman 802, and between thy seed 2233 and her seed 2233; it shall bruise 7779 thy head 7218, and thou shalt bruise 7779 his heel 6119.


The battle lines were laid out clearly by God Himself.  He knows and controls the End from the Beginning, and not even Satan with all his deception, demons and evil powers are going to overturn it!

Satan had devised a plan himself and was wasting no time.  His plan was to corrupt the seed of mankind, by mingling with their own seed.  Their ultimate victory would be to corrupt the lineage of Jesus and His own chosen people. 

The Bible starts out with this sinister, evil secret; and then continues throughout the Bible to the very end.   Bible scholars do not teach about this deception for obvious reasons.  God however is revealing this dark, mysterious truth, through His own word, and I cannot ignore it anymore!  The time is upon us and the deception is real.  Will the masses be able to hear when the warning call goes out, or will they have already become zombies, dead to all emotional responses?

I am compelled to warn all who will have ears to hear. 

This week the CDC is warning the world using a shock message that they label a ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.  It is using the fear FACTOR AND MEDIA’S Zombie movies as a message to attract attention, hoping to get their warning out:  Disasters are coming!  Get Prepared! 

This Zombie warning is also a warning to me as well.  Get the word out, Michele!  Speak now for the message is urgent!  There is great FLOOD of deception coming to America and the World too.  Don’t be caught off guard and unaware of this coming deception upon the entire world.

Study 2 Peter and then the last book before Revelation.  It’s the only book with only ONE chapter in it all about this Coming Last Days’ Deception:  The Seed of the Serpent Falling, Coming into Existence among us. 

Don’t hide your head in the sand, and hope it goes away.  As the Lord tarry’s He will use this deception to test, try, and purify His Bride and His Chosen Nation Israel. 

Awake Awake America! Awake Awake!