Michele Kennedy (23 May 2011)
"China Military Dream 5/19"

On 5/19  I awoke and remembered I had a short dream about a ufo.


It was nighttime, dark out, and my husband and I was at our vehicle to get inside, when we looked up,  and My husband says, “Look! It’s a UFO!” I lifted my head and very high in the sky was a  small, neon red  rod lights that I need to almost squint to see distinctly. It that was very high in the sky, but straight above our heads.  I thought “what is it” and tried to make out the shape of this very small object. I was concentrating very hard to make out it shape.

Then all the sudden,  directly above our heads was MASSIVE  ufo’s, floating past us,  very slowly, very quietly, going east to our right.  I watched in amazement but quietly, as these huge pieces of equipment, one by one slowly went past.  In the dream I thought they were travelling at night to be hidden, as in secret.  Travelling slowly and lowly to be quiet like.   It was a very urgent feeling,  happening NOW, at that very moment!  Even after awakening I knew like it had happened already! 


It wasn’t  like a UFO/alien/beings sense, but it was not traveling as normal planes or equipment do!  ( I have never seen one in real) But what I saw  was armaments, missles and landing platforms.  Huge!!!   The small read light gave me a clue I thought.  I drew out the shape, and realized it was in the shape of a pyramid with the top point cut off.  But it wasn’t upward as we see it on the Dollar Bills,  It was flat, facing us as laying down.  I didn’t realize this in the dream,  but quickly realized that the red color was CHINA. For the lights were neon red  rods. With 4 sides.  2 short rods and 2 long rods. 


Then that morning I saw on Watch.org this story broke. I WAS Pretty Amazed.  Cause I really don’t think much about China.


May 18, 2011 Chinese General: "China Does Not Have The Capability To Challenge The U.S."



And now today I find this not even searching for anything on China, but the Obama’s Bloodline info. FIRST!  Please REALIZE I just read some this article just now and am about to cry!  The words are absolutely Amazing just as I described them to you in my dream really.  I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!




I noticed this word in the article:  “ARMS TRAFFICKING”


“ ATF agent relayed the following information about arms trafficking, which seems to corroborate what Scott Gulbransen says about the arms trafficking back and forth across the US/Mexico border, with full knowledge of both countries at the highest levels.”  WHAT?!!! 

I Can’t Believe this!!!  Im reading as Im typing this now.

Scott Gulbransen I see wrote a book called, "The Silent Invasion." WHOA!!!


I am just in shock literally over this….. Will keep reading