Michele Kennedy (18 May 2011)
"Thanks  for your Encouraging words Nando and Michael Colunga"

Dear Nando and Michael Colunga,  I just wanted to say here that your comments on the study of Judges 4, Osama and Sisera have truly inspired me to keep sharing what the Lord is revealing to me.

Today I really needed that word too!   

That study was actually just done as a ‘baby step’ for me, to begin to write down in an attempt to teach others what I have been taught.  It’s all new to me really, and so I  just didn’t think that I did a very good job in putting it in an understandable way, so your comments were like water to my soul. Really!   Thank you both so very much, and like I said in my post, I would love to read what others have to say about those words meanings and their insights, I know I didn’t catch.  Please post what your thoughts on this story, and any revealations you have on this.

I actually just studied out Judges 5, Deborah’s Song, and didn’t  study the words of Judges 4 until one I posted  that day;  But I decided I couldn’t just jump the gun, on this one, I needed to go slow, and just baby step myself and you all through this study first.  I am glad I did, but the Next Chapter is the Prophetic Future of this story and is PROFOUND er!!!  Are you ready?

To be continued then…..

Thanks again for your great words of encouragement.  I couldn’t help it, and shed a few tears over it.


Michele Kennedy