Michele Kennedy (16 May 2011)
"Judges 4 Study  PROPHETICAL...Osama Bin Laden & Sisera"

I know this is  l o n g, but I promise you it will be very exciting and enlightening.  You will be begging for Chapter 5 by the time your done! Deborah and Barak’s Song! So, get a cup of coffee and get cozy, for this study is from the Lord to US today!  May you be richly blessed by it!


Osama Bin Laden &  Sisera

Judges 4

Tent Nail Temple Ground

Deborah dwelt under the ‘Palm Tree’ as the Hand of God in the House of God or Bethel.  She was a Prophetess that Judged Israel.

She sent and called BARAK the son of ABINOAM out of Kedesh-Naphtali. Sanctify & Wrestling, writhing, crafty.

Barak has many names but we all know who he is right?

Deborah prophesies to Barak that he is to pursue Sisera, for he will be delivered into his hand.  She tells Barak he will not receive the honor for Sisera’s death, for God shall sell Sisera into the hand of a Woman.

Barak insisted Deborah go with him into the battle, which she did, He then called also Zebulun and Naphtali along with 10,000 men at his feet. (more on feet later). 10,000 is the number of a family or tribe. The word #505 ELEPH.

Jacob’s LATTER DAYS prophecies for these two tribes is found in Genesis 49:13, 21. 

“Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea; and he shall be for a haven of ships; and his border shall be unto Zidon.”

·        Zebulun will be a world trafficker, merchandiser with a border

Zidon which means to be or grow dark, dusky, to be shadowy.

Naphtali is a hind let loose; he giveth goodly words.”

·         Hind let loose: Strength that is sent away/out or cast off.                                          

 Goodly words: Shephar elegance, beauty of words.

After Sisera was pursued he became discomfited with the edge of the sword.

Discomfited: to move noisily, confuse, make a noise, discomfit, break, consume, crush, destroy, trouble, vex.

“To put in motion, to put to flight.” 

This event of finding and killing Osama Bin Laden at this time which was directed by God, through His omniscient wisdom, and plays to the Illuminati’s timeline’s as well.

May 1st is a high holy day, in which a human sacrifice is to be made.

This one event is THE event that is ‘putting to motion’ the next phase of the Gods End Times Timeline.  All the world is now shifted to the next gear, in full steam ahead to fulfil God’s Word. The word is Hamam  (hot is Ham) and is number 2000.

Barak purses after the Sisera so that he lighted down off his chariot and fled on his feet.

Lighted down:  Go down, descend, to be taken down, to lye prostrate. In Arabic is means to go for drink, for water.

“Because one goes down to the spring.”  1st Mention is in Genesis 11:5  “And the Lord God came down to see the city and the tower, which the children of men builded.”

“Chariot”: is the Hebrew word Merkabah  and is especially a War Chariot.

“Fled away”:  to flee, cause to disappear, hide, put to flight, to escape.

Osama did disappear and was hidden away for 9 some years.

“Feet”: Steps, beats of the foot, times, gait, pace.

“Barak pursued after the chariots, and after the host, unto ‘Harosheth of the Gentiles:  and all the host of Sisera fell upon the edge of the sword; and there was not a man left.”

Harosheth of the Gentiles is only mentioned here in the Bible.

Its meaning:

#2800 Woodland, The Working of Wood or Stones

The Masons ancient workers of Wood and Stones, and as stated here are of the Gentiles.  #1471 Gowy- a whole people, the nations of the West.  This is the working of Satan which is laid out in detail on our dollar bills.  The NOW plan for America to become ashes, only to birth a New World Order, symbolized in the Phoenix Bird.  (seen worn by many high officials including Hillary Clinton).

Is the take down of Osama related to their timing of sacrificing a human on May 1st?  They are the worlds Elite, called also the Illuminati.   For more on this read Apollyon Rising 2012 the Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed by Thomas Horn.

“A Terrifying and Prophetic Cipher

Hidden from the World

by the U.S. Government for over 200 years”

This concept is confirmed in my word studies of the Bible over and over.  They are controlling more than we realize I think.

“Howbeit Sisera fled away on his feet to the tent of Jael the wife of Heber the Kenite”

Jael:  Ibex, Wild Rock Climbing Goat, Chamois (skin, leather) come up later too!

Heber:  House in Common, Association, Comrade, Fellowship.

Kenite:  A Possession, Acquired;  From the word Cain also Spear

Pakistan is a Muslim nation of the descendants of Edom who are characterized as Hater’s of Israel.  This nation is in ‘fellowship, comrade, and association with all the ‘stan’s’ of the middle east, including Afganistan where Osama fled from.

“Jael went out to meet Sisera, and said unto him, Turn in, my lord, turn in to me; fear not.”

She lied to him about her true intentions.  Acting as a safehouse, she was hiding him, but his safehouse would become his deathhouse. 

Now we read that her husband Heber showed Sisera where Barak had gone up.  Is this act to demonstrate that he had severed himself from the Cain/Kenite, by not participating in Sisera’s death and destruction?  As he would be saying, “This is where Barak is! Run for your life!  Hide!”

Then meanwhile, back at the tent, Heber’s wife Jael appears to  do the same. She grants Sisera protection in thier tent/house.

The word Tent is a major theme in Biblical understanding. It’s meaning is all about family, congregation, tabernacle, specifically of the TEMPLE.

Tent is the word Ohel, and indicates something that is supporting something else, as a Father would his family; As the Vine supports the Branches. 

Staff, scepter, rod, arm are all words that represent this concept.

Turn in has great spiritual significance to our day!

“Turn in” is the word Cuwr #5493 and has many meanings, but the overall understanding is to depart from God, turn aside, to go away, depart from the law. Withdraw from calamity which is what he did here, but God is speaking to us today in this word!

This scripture foretold 1000’s of years ago, knew it would speak, and not tarry, at the right time.  It wouldn’t have meant anything more than a story until an event took place of it’s same nature.

She called him her lord, which is in reference to an owner or possessor.  Indication of the trap she is fabricating for Sisera.

“He turned in unto her  in the tent, and she covered him with a Mantle.”

Mantle: Only Mention Judges 4:18

Semyikah:  Rug, coverlet, thick coverlet, for a couch or bed. Support, lean upon, Oriental rug.

“And he said unto her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water to drink; for I am thirsty.”  Remember the word earlier “Lighted down” off his chariot, and it’s meaning to go for a drink of water? Well, here we have him asking for a drink of water now.  But the meaning of this word is amazing!

Drink: #8248  To give drink to, IRRIGATE, Cause to drink, BUTLER, CUPBEARER. 

Irrigate as like a FLOOD?  Like a stream that issues forth slowly,  inundating the land with water, destroying all the crops, livestock and livelihood of thousands and thousands of Americans? 

Like the Butler of Pharoah?  Who life was held in prison some time, who, had a dream that Joseph interpreted for him and the Baker, who was killed as prophesied, but the Butler was released to serve the Pharoah again.

Spiritually, as in the “End of it shall be with a FLOOD?” Daniel 9:26.  This is THE scripture before the covenant is to be made?

Floods are a picture spiritually of the nations in Psalm 93:3

“The floods have lift up, O Lord, the floods, have lifted up their voice; the floods lift up their waves.”

This 93 Psalm is only 5 verses long ! 

I’ll get back to that thought at the end.  Hang with me!

    “Sisera asked for water but instead she opened a bottle of milk,                                                and gave him a drink, and covered him.”

Bottle: No ‘d bottle, skin (remember Jael’s name meant Skin?)

If something is skin that means it is dead, right?! Death.

Milk:  Chalab  Milk, Sour milk, CHEESE, and Abundance of Land.

The phrase “to suck the milk of nations” poetic for to make their wealth ones own, claim for oneself.”

Is this not happening even in this very Month of May?  Barack is to meet with Netanyahu even this week!  With the intention of Dividing Israel into TWO STATES, before September of this year.  The pressures of the Palestinians forging their own plan of statehood by September is also placing Israel in a do or die situation.

This word is prophetic in that the Palestinians are going to suck the milk of the nation of Israel through the division of Jerusalem, making a claim on the wealth of their Nation for oneself!  Profound scripture isn’t it?

I want to share something else that is recorded in the next chapter 5.  Deborah and Barak Song is a prophetically uttered song.

This gives even more light and revelation to this story and it’s prophetic implications for us today.

When you get to the story of the milk it is interpreted here as “


Butter:  Chemah #2527 - Curd, butter, curdled milk , such milk having an intoxicating power. (Chema= hot)

Our Mothers had it right about that warm glass of milk before bedtime. J

Isaiah 51:17-23

22  “Thus siath they Lord the Yahovah(3068), and they God that pleadeth the cause of the people, Behold I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again,

23 But I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul ‘Bow down, that we may go over; and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, as the street, to them that went over.”

Jeremiah 25:15&17

For thus saith the Yahovah God of Israel unto me; Take the wine cup of this fury and my hand, and cause the nations, to whom I send thee, to drink it.

17 Then took I the cup at the LORD’S hand and made all the nations to drink unto whom the LORD had sent me.”

Revelation 14:8 And there followed another angel saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.”

The Palestinians are relentless on this issue of land for peace, and the LORD knows their end is destruction.  Israel’s people are the ground and the street’s that the Gentile nations will soon be walking all over.

Their day of Visitation is come!

Getting back to the story now, Sisera asks Jael to hid him and lie about his whereabouts.

21 “Then Jael Heber’s wife took a nail of the tent, and took a hammer in her hand, and went softly unto him…”

Tent is the Support of the family and the house.

Nail:  Yathed #3489 the sign of the object, peg, pin, nail, paddle, stake, to pin through of fast;

Hammer: Maqqabeth#4718  Hole, Excavation, Perforation,  Hammer perforator. Stone Quarry.

Softly, Only Mention here Alat #3814 Secrecy, Mystery

Side note. Yeshua death by crucifixion hidden in here? Translated: “Took the Nail, from the Father, took the Hammer in his hand, and made a Hole.  This is a Great Mystery!” This is only a part of the story. 

Sign of Messiah is a Tent Peg.

We know that there is a great secrecy and mysteries in the death of Osama Bin Laden.

“ And she smote the nail into his temples…”

Smote #8628 Taqa:  Blow, Clap, Strike, Sound, Thrust, Give a blow, Blast, To Stike or Pledge oneself.

Lexicon: “To clap the hands, to Smite especially, with to clap the hands

a)   in Rejoicing especially at another’s misfortune. Ps. 47:2; Nahum 3:19

b) in becoming surety

2. To fix by smiting, to drive in as a nail, Jud.4:21; Is.22:23, 25

to pitch a tent with nails fixed into the ground, to thrust a spear or sword, at even cast it into the sea… Ex. 3:19

3) to Blow a Trumpet! To give a Signal with a Trumpet”

Job 17:3 “ ‘Who is there who will strike hands with Me?’ ie who will give his right hand to be surety for me.”

This is all in just one word….SMOTE in Hebrew, and this particular word LAT is only found once in Judges 4:21!

Ok so we have quite a picture coming through for us now don’t we Saints!

On May 1st 2011,  Osama Bin Laden was killed with a death blow to the head, and our Nation Rejoiced, at his Misfortune, Singing and clapping all the way to Ground Zero! Much of the World has joined with US!  This event has DROVE IN AS A NAIL, AND IS NOW FIXED IN OUR HISTORY BOOKS!  It is FIXED as a Nail a SIGN, with a SOUND of a TRUMPET, BLOWING!

It’s word meaning is almost mind boggling isn’t it, as it is pertaining to this one event! 

Our Nations President BARACK is negotiating with Israel and Palestinian Presidents even in the Same Month as THIS EVENT!

Is this the signing of the “Confirming the Covenant with many” Dan. 9:27 With the sign of The  EPIC Flood upon the nation who are touching the apple of His eye.

May 1, 2011

Osama was then cast into the sea that very day!

Back again to the scripture, I know this is just more than we can take in huh?  But wait til you study the next Chapter!

21 “And smote the nail into his temples”

Temples #7541 Raqqah Temple, The temple (of the head).

Lexicon:  Something thin

The temple, part of the head

Poetic for cheek

Sngs. 4:3, 6:7

“Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet, and thy speech is comely; they temples are like a piece of pomegranate within thy locks”

Temples here is in relation to the word #6400 ‘Piece.’ Pelach: Meaning “a slice of an apple, the part cut off, a millstone from the cut away part.”  Pelach also means to serve or worship: minister serve, Slice, break open or pierce; bring forth, cleave, cut, shred, strike through.”

Pomegrante is a mysterious word meaning;  possibly bone marrow, multitudes of seeds.  But by the Spirit we understand it’s the Seeds of the Faithful, the Servants of the LORD, the Worshippers of Him Alone, and who are cut off from the world, set apart for His Glory. The word ‘locks’ #6777 here is tsamma Veil, A Womans Veil to fasten on as a veil, locks.”

Jesus is the center of this Song and the reason for it’s inspiration.

This Scripture is about Yeshua, Jesus, who is like a pomegranate, rich, and scarlet red colored seeds of sweet taste.

In reference to Israel read Isaiah 47:2

“Take 3947 the millstones 7347, and grind 2912 meal 7058: uncover 1540 thy locks6777, make bare 2834 the leg 7640, uncover 1540 the thigh 7785, pass over 5674 the rivers 5104.”

Makes more sense now just in studying the few words we have doesn’t it? Uncover the locks, the VIEL!!! The Leg is Flowing Skirt and Train!!!

Back again to Judges 4:21

“And fastened it into the ground:  for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died.”

Fastened 6795 Tsnach:  To go down, drive down, descend,  Lighted off, Fastened.

Only 2 other mentions:  Jos. 15:8 “…Lighted off from her ass…”

Jud. 1:14 “She lighted off from her ass.” (In Chapter 5 there is a future prophecy regarding another type of ass.  You might want to read it!)

Ground: 776 eretz:  land 1543, earth 712, country 140, ground 98, world 4, way 3, common 1, field 1, nations 1, wilderness + 04057 1

She fastened the Nail to the Earth, Nations, World, or Country as a Sign, a Symbol for the Avenging of America! 

Could this event also be a negotiating card for Obama, used as a lure for Israel into a peace negotiation with it’s enemies, for America will protect Israel? “Turn in, Turn in to me, fear not” Jael lured & lied to Sisera to get him to lie down, go to sleep, little creep, before I bash your front teeth in….  Remember that song?  No?  It’s been a long day on here typing and studying this.  I’m Sorry J

Fast asleep:#7290 Radam:  (1st mention of 7) To be asleep, be unconscious, be in heavy sleep, fall into heavy sleep, be fast asleep

Prov. 10:5

Jonah 1:5-6

Lexicon: “To Fall Down Astounded”! 

Daniel 8:18 & 10:9

Dan 8:18 Now as he was speaking 1696 with me, I was in a deep sleep7290 on my face 6440 toward the ground 776: but he touched 5060 me, and set 5975 me upright 5977. http://www.blueletterbible.org/gifs/copyChkboxOff.gif

Dan 10:9 Yet heard 8085 I the voice 6963 of his words 1697: and when I heard 8085 the voice 6963 of his words 1697, then was I in a deep sleep7290 on my face 6440, and my face 6440 toward the ground 776.

(just a note here on Daniel 10. You must study this one!  It is interesting for it is Daniels Terrifying Vision of the AntiChrist! I studied verse 5&6 and was thoroughly convinced afterwards.  The name Barak is even named in verse 6!

Just a bit here:  The word ‘certain’ #259 means to unify, join in one, unite.) 

Judge 4:21

“For he was fast asleep and weary.”

Weary #5774: UWPH!

To cover (with wings or obscurity): hence as (from 5775 A bird,as covered with feathers), implying dimness, to faint from the darkness of swooning: brandish, be wax faint, flee away, fly away, set, shine forth, weary.”

How is darkness connected with to shine forth?  Because the word for Barak is glittering, lightening, and Shining one.

The nephilim are weak, and weary ones, thin and tall in stature.  They hide their true identity of course, as of the devil Satan, and their demonic agenda to deceive the entire world, through what Paul called, “a Lie.”   2 Thessalonians 2:11

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a LIE.”

The EPIC flood is the Sign for America of impending Judgement for the pressuring of Israel to give up land for peace, and the Whirlwinds of 4/15-29  have been Judgment. 

Spiritually I see it as a Birth experience, for Israel and America.  America gives birth to the New World Order, and the waters break forth, slowly, gushing toward the sea.  Psalm 93:3

In the next Chapter you will see how Psalm 83 War is next!

Keep reading and studing this out and post what you get.  So, God bless you all, and May the Lord not tarry any longer!