Michele Kennedy (11 May 2011)
"Interesting correlation  re: Hebrew Year 5772/2012"



Thank you all who have responded to my postings recently, which gives me great encouragement in the Lord!  A special thank you to Henoch, who graciously took the time to personally write me.  Thank you so much, Henoch, and may the Lord keep His watch over you and richly lavish His blessings upon you daily!  We are His Watchmen, created for The Last Days’ and what a Blessing it is to be living in such a time as all the world has looked forward to!!!


The Lord has shown me something wonderful today, and I wanted to share it with you Doves.


First, when the Lord gave me Psalm 12, I thought as well as many of you here on the Doves, back in 1998 that this was in reference to 11th or 12th DAY of the Tishri of 1998/1999 or the Hebrew year 5760.


I realized it could be a Year and not a day, but was hoping for the latter to be His plan being as if it was a year it would be 11/12 more years to wait!


Well, now we know it was not our D-DAY (Deliverance Day) but is now indicating it is the YEAR 2012, and here we are  waiting longingly, and hastening the Day!


The Strongs Hebrew Concordance numbers seem to correspond to the Hebrew dates starting from 2009/5769  to 2018/5778 THE END.


The Hebrew  Number…2009      5769 …………..     OLAM   means:  CONCEALED, the Vanishing Point; time out of mind, eternity.

                                                2010      5770 …………   AVAH    means:  To WATCH (with jealousy) eye:

                                    2011     5771 ……………     AVOWN  means:  Perversity; moral EVIL; fault, INIQUITY, mischief, PUNISHMENT (of Iniquity)sin.

                                            … 2012      5772 ……………     AWNAH  means:  TO DWELL TOGETHER; (SEXUAL) COHABITATION;-DUTY OF MARRIAGE.

                                    2013     5773 ……………     AVEH  means:      perversity

                                    2014     5774 …………       UWPH  means:    To Cover (with wings or obscurity) to Fly, to Faint from darkness of                                       

                                                                                                                                                       swooning, flee away, fly away, shine forth, weary.

                                    2015     5775 ……………     OWPH  means:     A Bird (covered with feathers) bird, that flieth; flying FOWL.

                                                2016       5776 …………       OWPH  means:      A Fowl.

                                                2017       5777 …………       OWPHERETH  means:  Lead; (from is dusty color) lead.

                                                2018       5778 …………        OWPHAY means:     Birdlike; Ephai (an Israelite).


2009 Notice that is starts with the End declared From the Beginning for the year 2009. ETERNITY is in View.


2010 Then we have the Word WATCH, and EYE for the Lord is Jealous for His People.  (also watch the Illuminati EYE Of OSIRIS Satans counterfeit.)

For the year 2011 the Word is EVIL is now being PUNISHED; Psalm 11.We have seen this with the Epic Eathquakes, Tornado’s and now Flooding of the Mississippi.


2012 We have A MARRIAGE, a Cohabitation; MARRIAGE


2013   The Tribulation is in full swing now. PERVISITY is all the Word of the World Condition.


2014 The Lord has revealed to me the Nephilim are now coming into existence, revealing themselves as our Creators, and here to save the world from complete annihilation.  They will be the LIE that all remaining will be subject to judging for themselves.  My understanding according to Chuck Missler is that they will appear at the time of our departure/rapture, and have their own story as to what happened to their loved ones.  Read Chuck Misslers book Alien Encounters:  The Secret Behind The UFO Phenomenon


2015 The Nephilim are Covert, Flying, Grey, Thin, Dry, Weary Liars known in the scriptures many times as lords, governors, and chiefs, kings, messengers.


2016 A Fowl is a Unclean/Dirty Bird that eats Flesh or Carcasses.  These last words are all about the Judgment of the Nephilim 2 Peter and Jude and the book of Enoch.


2017  Lead is referring you to Zechariah 5 as they are revealed here officially.


2018 the year of the 2nd coming, Pslam 18 and 118.  The Word Ephai, as referred to as the EPHAH in Zech. 5.  But Birdlike as Heavenly travelers.  A Standard of Measurement, a Cup, Lot or Inheritance.