Michael Lorion (18 May 2011)
"dream of John Tng I saw"

John a day ago, just before I woke up, I saw you looking out in my direction. Your face was close and I saw you looked upbeat and alert, not downcast at all. But as I saw you there, I saw about 5 or 6 vertical shadows extending over your face that looked like shadows from a prison cell or maybe it was just some vertical bars of something else giving the appearance of that. The shadows were dark grey to almost black, but at the tops and bottoms had a cut like bevel shaped ends on each one. I could not see behind you but it was somewhat dark behind you. I think it was a regular window type opening I was seeing you thru...but no window...just bar shadows I saw. I know it was you because I was once in a christian musicians social site and you wrote to me in it. Later I found out about 5 Doves...but I knew what you looked like . I thought this was an interesting dream, though short. I do not know what it means either but I thought Id share it with you.
Michael Lorion
Hmm..... interesting.